June 22, 2024

Why Book A Safari & Rent A Car In Uganda With AUTO Member

The internet has dramatically changed the travel industry over the last 50 years , Travelers find booking accommodation, flights, safari packages and organizing car hire much more convenient and faster over the internet. But booking online is not as easy as it may seem as you have to be careful and book with a reputable, trusted and reliable travel agency to avoid falling victim of fraudsters that may ruin your whole perspective of the destination you are visiting.
Uganda like any other African safari destination has a variety of tour companies ready to organize a Uganda safari and help you rent a car of any type but to get a company you can trust with your money and jouney safety, you need to book with company that is a member of the Association Of Uganda Tour Operators simply called AUTO; the top tourism trade association in Uganda that represents goals the country’s top tour operators.
Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris is a proud member of  AUTO and has been organizing guided and self drive road trips for all types of travelers for over 7 years with a team of well experienced driver and well serviced rental cars making us one of the companies a tourist will feel safe booking with but here are other reasons why you should book with a company that affiliates with AUTO or any other popular travel association in any country.
Save Time & Money – There over 100 safari & car rental agencies in Uganda ready to offer you any car at varying rates but the best way to save time and money is by checking through AUTO members that offer car rental services in Uganda. You dont have to browse through google the whole day searching for a company to get you a car, just visit the various registered members and scroll through the safari package & rental car rates, special offers and discounts and voilá you are ready to book with a trusted and reliable company.
Get Expert Advice – Traveling to a destination you know little about requires you get advice from people who actually know more about it.. don’t you agree .  When you book a safari or rent a car with an AUTO member, be guaranteed to get up-to-date info from expert travel consultants who have been in the field, whether its the reservation staff behind the computer , driver or tour guide in the field, they  are all ready to give you all the info you need including best places to visit, affordable accommodation, nearest banks/ forex bureaus , what to pack, travel tips, ideal cars to rent among other recommendations that will help you plan better.
Well Connected –  You wont get any other company that is as connected to numerous travel and accommodation providers like a company registered with Uganda’s tour operators association. These companies are affiliates with some of the best car leasers, hotel, safari lodges, guest houses, camps plus activity companies like ADRIFT, the cultural performers to mention but a few.. the list is endless. Majority of the hotel and safari lodge owners usually invite AUTO members on familiarization trips to check out the facilities, services , activities and bring in client so they have been there and are giving you accurate info. Basically all your safari & car rental needs will be just a click or call away when you go with a trusted AUTO registered company.
No need to worry about fraud- When you book with an AUTO member, you can rest assured your money and road trip is in safe hands. Avoid falling prey of “kiwani” companies that crouch on tourists and snatch their money without giving them the service worth the money paid or even worse running off with all your money. All registered companies have physical addresses with office, land lines, mobile contacts, social media accounts plus inline payment modes and valid bank accounts to give you that security and assurance that you are booking with trustworthy company.
These are just a few of the advantages you will enjoy when yo decide to go on a guided Uganda safari or  rent a car or even safari with a registered member of Uganda’s top tour operator association. So don’t go for a company you know nothing about, go with one that is registered with connections and expert tour consultants.
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