White water rafting or simply called rafting is a recreational out-door water sports where participants navigate the river on an inflatable raft. Adventure seekers across the globe travel to Jinja for a chance to experience the exciting grade 5 rapids that dominate the mighty River Nile (world’s longest river). The rapids are regarded as the safest in Africa catching the eye of both novice and expert rafters. Under guidance of a professional, you will explore the Nile as a group of 8 aboard a raft, expect flips, anxiety and lots of screaming as you paddle down the river. Kayakers are always on hand to pick you up when in case the river drags you far from your raft after you flip out.

You can opt to do the full day rafting package or do a half day trip if you can’t handle all those waves. There is always lunch served at Malibu Island half way the journey and that’s where you can stop if you are into a half day trip. If you can’t handle the scary flips, then you can get aboard the safety raft which can’t flip and still enjoy the white waters of the Nile. There will buffet and drinks after you complete the whole circuit.

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