Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

Uganda is dubbed the primate capital of Uganda, home not only to the incredible mountain gorillas but the closet relatives to man; the Chimpanzees and when you add in other 12 primates, you are in for the primate adventure of a lifetime. There are many places where you can track the chimpanzees but the most popular one is Kibale national park which is home to an incredible 1500 chimpanzees plus other primates that include Black & white colobus, Uganda mangabey, baboons, vervet monkey, Uganda red colobus, blue monkey among others. While tracking chimpanzees in Kibale forest, expect to encounter other wildlife that normally cross over from Queen Elizabeth national park including elephants, bushbucks, giant forest hogs, leopards, buffalo, bush pigs not to mention the various bird species that roam the forest.

Other destinations for chimpanzee trekking in Uganda include Budongo Forest, which is situated close to Murchison falls park, Kyambura gorge or Kalinzu forest all in Queen Elizabeth national park. These other 3 destinations offer you chance to mix your chimp trekking experience with game drives and boat rides giving you that full wildlife experience.

Chimpanzee tracking permits costs vary depending on park or forest you decide to visit for the experience. Kibale park chimp permits cost US$ 150 per person while it costs US$ 80 per person in Budongo forest and only US$ 50 per person if you track in the Kyambura gorge.

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