Car Rental Tips For Driving In Kampala City

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Spending your leisure holiday or business vacation in the alluring Kampala city , then you should consider a Uganda car rental company in your travel budget as this is your best option of traveling privately and safely. Public taxi vans , motorcycles (boda bodas) plus buses are all available but their routes are limited plus the timing is unpredictable. Therefore it’s in your best interest to rent a car in Kampala for your travels. The beautiful capital of Uganda built across seven hills is among the top popular safari destinations in Uganda used as a base for tourists starting their safaris to the remote parks, the city is filled with lots of cultural sites, and historic attractions as well as entertainment and commercial centers.

Reminder: There are various car rental companies in Uganda offering a variety of rental cars including 4×4 station wagons, sedans, luxury cars, minivans and buses so you have to be careful and choose the right car from the a reputable company with good past client reviews.
But if you plan on having a successful tour in Kampala city with your rental car, here are some driving tips to get you through

Drive on the left side – Most of the cars for rent in Uganda have right-hand steering so you have to drive on the left-hand side of the road just like in South Africa, United Kingdom, Kenya, Tanzania among other countries with left-hand traffic.

Get ready for traffic jam – Driving in Kampala city can be a real headache especially if you driving through busy streets, the roads are narrow and intersections are very many leading to car congestion plus of course the boda boda riders who will always want to have their way even in the tightest traffic gaps.
Hire a driver –  If you are faint hearted, then you should consider hiring a local Uganda driver to help you get through the stressful traffic jam and confusing road routes. Traveling with a driver not only gives you that extra security but also gives you chance to relax and learn about the city as you pass through. The driver will tell you stories and current events to get you up-to-date with the city current and paste events.
Look out for pot holes – The roads in Kampala are not that good especially as you drive away from the city center , the main roads are smooth but some are still under repair so you can expect pot holes  meaning you have to drive careful and also travel with an extra tyre in case of an emergency.
Follow the traffic rules – Just like any other city and country, drivers are expected to follow the traffic rules and regulations set by the law. Some of the top traffic laws in Uganda include not over speeding, driver &  passengers should put their seat belts on, avoid over taking on narrow roads, keep on the left, don’t drive under influence, avoid over loading, don’t talk on the phone while driving to mention but a few.
Respect the traffic signs  – There are several sign posts even the novice driver will notice at first glimpse, just make sure to respect these simple signs like zebra crossing, men at work, no parking, bump ahead, danger ahead, animals crossing, speed limit, check stop among others.
Drive Slow– Last but not least, please drive slow when on the roads in Kampala as the streets are congested with pedestrians and motorists hence getting into a collision is just a minute away.

If you plan on renting a car in Kampala for a Uganda self drive or driver-guided adventure road trip to a tourist site, recreation center or business meeting venue, then you should follow the above tips for a trouble and stress free holiday in the capital of Uganda. You can rent a car in Kampala today by sending us an email to or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.