Bird Watching

Birds are some of the top most beautiful creatures on earth, the fact that they can fly into the skies and way of life is truly a marvel. Bird enthusiasts, researchers and tourists travel the world to spot and record the millions of bird species that inhabit different vegetation. There are various destinations in Africa you can visit for a birding tour but when it comes to East Africa, Uganda tops the list with over 1066 species of birds recorded in the Pearl of Africa.

Top birding spots in Uganda include the Mabamba swamp, Murchison falls park, Bwindi forest, Kibale forest, Queen Elizabeth park, Budongo forest to mention but a few. There are thousands of bird species to look out for during a birding safari in Uganda but some are too rare and popular including the Giant shoebill, African fish eagle, ostrich, Vultures, Great blue turacos , Nightjars, African fin foot, Grey crowned crane, storks among others.

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