June 22, 2024


Uganda might be known for its wildlife, heterogeneous cultures, enormous lakes and water bodies but adventure seekers love the fact that Uganda is embraced with numerous landscapes that offer exciting hiking adventure experiences. Mountain Rwenzori ,Mount Stanley & Speke are in the top 5 highest peaks in Africa and many hikers, novice and experts have tried to conquer these peaks and some have done it. Mountain Elgon is another popular place for hiking in Uganda, it only takes about 5 days to complete the full course to Wagagai peak. Rock abseiling is also available on mountain Elgon, but you first, must hike up first before you can abseil down.

Situated along the foothills of Mountain Elgon are the beautiful Sipi falls , a trek will take about 4 to 5 hours passing through plantations and caves plus getting an up-close view and touch of the falls. Other popular destinations where you can hike from include the Virunga range of Mgahinga and of course the incredible Impenetrable Bwindi Rain Forest; home of the mountain gorillas.

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