May 28, 2024

Top 4 Questions To Ask Wedding Service Providers

Hiring luxury bridal cars for weddings has become a world wide trend no longer for the rich and famous alone but also the normal average every day person looking for that unique party entourage. The wedding cars are are now affordable and easily available giving chance to couples to get the car of their dreams and floss as they enter the church,reception venue and en-corporate them in the pictures.
The rise in demand for wedding car hire services in Uganda has led to increase in the number of agencies offering a wide range of luxury cars at varying rates, terms and conditions and as such many questions will arise when they inquire about a service or car and below are top 4 questions couples and planners ask when searching for luxury car for wedding in Uganda plus answers.
How and When Can I Book A Car ? – You can book a car online through the wedding service providers website contact for or by sending an email or calling them in person. Alternatively you can visit the offices and book in person.  To be on the safe side, always book early say a a month or 3 weeks before the wedding to avoid missing out on the car of your choice or being overpriced because you booked late.
How long can i have the car ? – All wedding car rentals in Uganda start as early as 6am and end between 7 to 8 pm depending on the location and arrival time to the reception. You can request for an increase in time but that will incur and added cost.
What do the rates cover ? –  All wedding car hire prices in Uganda include the luxury car along with  a chauffeur and fuel but  differ depending on the location of the wedding. Most of the rates cover Kampala city and the outskirts and will increase the further away the party is from the city.
Do you also decorate the cars  ? – Yes we do decorate the cars but always advice our clients to use their party decorators who know the theme colors that will match with the decorations at the reception venue.
For more questions about wedding car hire in Uganda , please feel free to contact us today through or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with our reservations staff.