May 28, 2024

Do's & Dont's Of Renting A Car In Uganda

When you decide to rent a car for a leisure vacation, safari or business road trip , there are always issues that come to mind even before you beginning searching for a car rental agency to book with. Are the cars well serviced, do all interior features work properly, what insurance do they offer plus tax status to mention but a few other considerations that might make you alot more comfortable during your road adventure.
Getting around in a rental car will give you that comfort and privacy making you feel at home in any foreign country. Uganda is one destination filled with various attractions you visit by road , air or on foot but there is no denying that when decide rent a car in Uganda of any type for any occasion, be assured you have evaded alot of unwanted problem one of which includes falling on the wrong side of the traffic police.
There are a variety of car rental companies in Uganda offering a wide range of car types convenient for solo travelers, couples, families and small groups. Whether you require a compact SUV , 4×4 station wagon, mini van, buses and luxury cars fro special occasions like weddings, VIP airport transfers, shows to mention but a few.
However if you plan on renting a car in Uganda , there are few dos and donts that will guide you into mamoing the right decision and getting the best rental deal.
Book Early – Always en-devour to book at-least a few weeks or months before you arrive in Uganda as this tip helps you get a good deal and avoid missing out on a car of your choice just because you booked late and it’s no longer available.
Compare car rental prices– Don’t go for the first company you inquire with, always look further and compare rates of other companies online. Go with one that will give you deal that fits your personal requirements, budget as well terms and conditions.
Book with reputable company – Avoid booking with an unknown or badly reviewed company , go online and read about past customer reviews, social media posts , office address, telephone contacts to confirm the trustworthiness and reliability of a company.
Book the right car РRent a car that suits your personal needs and destination you are visiting. SUVs are ideal fro solo travelers  & couples while mini vans fit small groups like families so always make sure you book a car that fits the description of a vehicle you are in need of.
Don’t Ignore special offers and discounts–¬† Check out the various seasonal special offers and discounts available during the high and low seasons .
Choosing a trusted and reliable Uganda car rental company is no easy task but can be the defining factor that can either spoil or make your road trip a success. To hire a car in Uganda, Rwanda or Kenya today, simply send us an email to or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.