Lake Bunyonyi Tour

Lake Bunyonyi translated locally as a “place of many little birds” is another popular destination for clients looking for relaxation and bird watching. With a depth of up to 900m, it has been considered to be the second deepest lake in Africa. The beautiful terraced green hills are home to over 200 bird species most of which are water birds and some migrating birds making it a good destination for bird lovers. Other activities you can enjoy part from bird watching including swimming, boat riding, community walks to villages of the Bakiga and Batwa and of course visits to some of the 29 islands that occupy this lake. The most popular island is the Akampene island also known as punishment island because long ago Bakiga used to abandon pregnant unmarried girls on that island to die of hunger as punishment , a tradition that was later abandoned mid-way through the 20th century.

Planning to visit western Uganda , are in Kabale or Kisoro already, why not take time and visit Lake Bunyonyi , the accommodation is cheap plus the views re priceless. You can contact us today by sending and email to or call us now on +256-758540071 +256200902144 to speak with the reservations team