What Makes The Toyota Land Cruiser The Ultimate Oveland Rig

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When it comes to overland road trips, the only vehicle that one can think of is Toyota Land Cruiser ; The King of overlanders.Toyota Land Cruiser is manufactured by Japanese automobile company Toyota and is the longest running models out of what they have manufactured. This beast has a V8 engine, produces 460 Nm of torque. The 6-speed automatic transmission makes the gearshift pretty easier. Moreover, the suspensions are excellent and awesome for any type of terrain. These are the reasons that keep you comfortable behind the wheel.

The current Toyota Land Cruiser 200 series is the successor to its 100-series platform. This new model does not only include cosmetic changes but also incorporates a lot of new features like light and stronger frame, number of airbags, a push button start and much more. Toyota Land Cruiser has always been the preference to anyone who wants to go off-road. So here are the reasons why Toyota Land Cruiser is the Ultimate Overland Rig when it comes to traveling off-roads, and here’s why:

1. Powerful Engine

With the latest and powerful 5.7L V8 engine, you are on your way to enjoying that super comfortable and soothing ride, for which you have always craved. It is very easy for anyone to go off-roading when they have this huge extraordinary monster by their side. The unmatched power of this Toyota Land Cruiser is simply incomparable.

2. Global Presence

This is probably the biggest factor why Toyota is the king of the Overlanders. Toyota has made its presence everywhere across the globe. If you are thinking of international travel or anywhere within the country, this is the only brand that satisfies your thirst for smooth journeys on the road. Globally, Toyota is a renowned name that has surpassed all the expectations of the consumers, when it comes to traveling off-road. 

3. Easy Access to spare parts &accessories

 Now let’s suppose we are planning a trip, what would be one of the most important thoughts that will hit your mind? The thought that often comes to our mind is what if something goes wrong with the vehicle. With Toyota, one is absolutely safe, as it is super easy to get the spare parts and the accessories, which are easily available anywhere across the planet. And, this is what makes everything safe and easy when traveling off roads.

4. Excellent Service

Service is an important factor to keep in mind while hiring a car or even taking it to different places. With Toyota, it is always guaranteed that one will get the best of service no matter where they go. With its global presence and quality of services, almost everyone trusts this brand. The reason is it is easy to fix the issues that you might get with this car.

5. Reliability

The name is enough when it comes to reliability! Toyota Land Cruiseris extremely reliable. While traveling and being in the middle of nowhere might always give you a sense of fear, having this reliable source along will always make you feel better. Toyota provides a sense of reliability no matter if you are traveling with people or alone. This provides one with the relief of reaching your destination and back to your home safely.

The Verdict

If there was any car on the planet that one could choose to travel anywhere on the planet, be it the snowy arctic or dunes of Sahara, this King of cars named Toyota Land Cruiser is going to rock the road. So, why not go for this reliable, safe, and extraordinary thing when traveling off roads. And given its exterior looks, you may as well use it as your VIP ride. Just reach out to Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris on +256758-540071 or by email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.comin case you need to hire it.