June 22, 2024

3 Valuable Things To Check Before Renting A Car In Uganda

Over the years Uganda has become a popular business, leisure tourist destination in Africa frequented by foreigners across the globe hence the rise of tours and car rental companies ready to show visitors to Uganda around whether on guided or self drive road trips. Most travelers prefer to just a hire a driver in Uganda or drive themselves around Kampala city, the parks or any destination of their choice.

However renting a car in Uganda is no walk in the park straight from choosing the ideal car to which rental option suits your budget and personal interests plus how pay and where and when to pick up or drop off the car. But all that wont matter if you dont have the following items in check .

1 – Travel & Driving Documents : You have to have a valid passport and international driver license if you plan on getting any of the available rental cars in Uganda for self drive road trip but if you will be using a local Ugandan driver, these documents mean less.

2- Type of Rental Car : Depending on the number of people you are traveling plus cargo weight , you have to make the right choice when looking for the ideal car. If you are planning a campoing trip then that means you will require a car that can handle all that cargo along with number of people hence a mini van or extended safari land cruiser can do the job and if you are planning a group road trip , then it’s in your best interest to book a coaster bus. Two to four passengers can fit in Rav4 , Land Cruiser or simple sedan. Make the right choice before you decide to contact a Uganda car rental company.

3- Pick Up & Drop Off Locations : This is another important factor that will impact the rental cost. Most car rental agencies in Uganda are situated in Kampala and Entebbe so if you decide to pick-up the car from the city or airport and drop it back in these locations , it will be much cheaper than picking it up in remote places like Mbarara, Gulu, Kabale among others. So to save money and time, go with the pick-up and drop off in Kampala city or at the airport.

The above factors can a long way in giving you a wonderful road trip experience or becoming a nightmare , so take great heed. To rent a car in Uganda today, simply contact us now through booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us now on +256-758540071 / +256-785231603 to talk to our team.