June 22, 2024

Uganda Government To Inject Over 120 Billion In Kiira EV Project

The Kiira Electronic Vehicle was approved by the parliament on April 10 2018 prompting the Uganda government to allocate over 120 Billion Shillngs to commence the commercialization of want has been regarded as Uganda’s best electronic invention.
Once given a test drive way back in 2011, the 2-seater electronic vehicle runs on lithium batteries instead of fuel driving up to speeds of 100km/hr and covering up to 80 km before you recharge. The Kiira EV project was started with an aim of applying technology to develop effective and sustainable transportation solutions in Uganda.
Forget about fuel links or  exhaust pipe fumes, the electronic is set to help reduce on pollution making the environment a much safer place to be in plus of course reducing expenditure on buying gas.
We at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris salute these innovative minds at Makerere University, we look forward to the final launch of the Kiira Electronic Vehicle