May 28, 2024

Uganda, “the pearl of Africa” is a landlocked country located on the East African plateau about 1,100 meters (3609 ft) above sea level. It is bordered by the South Sudan in the North, Kenya in the East, Rwanda in the South-west , the Democratic Republic of Congo in the West and Tanzania in the south. Uganda has ideal climatic conditions as they range from the warmth of the lowland areas to the coolness of the highlands. Uganda was ranked as “the number one tourist destination in Africa” by Lonely Planet (one of the largest travel guide and media publishers in the world)  in 2012 as it is naturally endowed with various unique attractions. The Southern part of the country is covered by the magnificent Lake Victoria which is the largest fresh water lake in Africa and second largest in the world shared among three countries that is to say Tanzania and Kenya with its largest portion in Uganda. Below are the top three interesting towns in Uganda that you should not miss out on visiting while on your Uganda safari.
#Kampala city
Located in the South central part of the country near the shores of Lake Victoria within the Buganda kingdom is Kampala, the largest and capital city of Uganda. Kampala was built on seven hills and wetlands and by then it was referred to as the “the hill of the Impala ” by the British due to the presence of a large number of Impala, the native Baganda refered to it as the “Akasozi k’empala” in their local language and from this the city got its name as Kampala.
Kampala has various attractions some of which include the Uganda Museum, Nommo art gallery, Kasubi tombs where the remains of the Buganda kings were buried, National theatre, Kabaka’s palace, various cathedrals such as Rubaga and Namirembe cathedrals, Gadafi National mosque, various bars, night clubs, cinemas, casinos plus so much more.
It has well established accommodation facilities all ranging within different rates that is to say luxury, mid-range and low budget facilities to ensure the comfortable stay of tourists and these include apartments such as Acacia apartments, Regency apartments, Forest homes, Hill view apartments plus so much more, various hotels such as Emin Pasha hotel, Silver springs hotel Africana hotel, Taj Mahal hotel, Kololo courts hotel, Metropole hotel, Protea hotel plus so many more, guest houses such as ICU guest house, le Bougainuiller, Apricot guest house, Orchidea guest house plus many more. It also has hostels, cottages, backpackers/camping sites and many others.
#Jinja town
Jinja is Uganda’s second largest town after Kampala established in 1907 also known as “the adventure capital of East Africa.” Jinja lies in the South Eastern part of Uganda also on the shores of Lake Victoria with the source of River Nile as one of its major attractions. The name Jinja came from a local word called “Ejinja” to mean rock/stone because the area originally had a lot of large rocks and the area was then refereed to as “the place of flat rocks.”
Jinja has a variety of attractions such as the source of River Nile, Jinja main market, the Nile Brewery, the Swaminarayan Temple, Bujagali falls, the Owen falls dam which forms the gateway to Jinja town plus so much more. While in the adventure capital of East Africa you will enjoy various activities such bungee jumping, horse-back safaris, jet boating, white water rafting, mountain biking, quad biking, canoeing, fishing, kayaking, boat cruises, bird watching plus so much more.
Jinja has a variety of accommodation facilities with different rates such as luxury, mid-range and low budget facilities which include hotels such as sunset hotels, tourist bay hotel, Hotel triangle plus so much more, guest houses such as 2 friends guest house, Nile guest house, Golf course guest house and many others, campsites such as Nile high camp, Jinja backpackers, Nile river explorer’s backpackers, Inns, safari lodges and so much more.
#Entebbe town

Situated on a peninsular on the Northern shores of lake Victoria  Africa’s largest fresh water lake is Entebbe, one of the major towns in central Uganda. The word “Entebbe” refers to “seat” in the local luganda language since it was formally the place where the Buganda chief sat to adjudicate local cases in the kingdom. Entebbe was formally the seat of the protectorate government of Uganda. Entebbe is currently the location of the state house which is the official residence and office of the president of the Republic of Uganda. It is also the location of Entebbe International Airport first opened in 1929.
Some of the many attractions in Entebbe include the National botanical gardens, the Uganda Wildlife Education Center, Entebbe zoo, the Uganda Virus Research Institute, the State House, Entebbe Golf Club which is the oldest golf course in East Africa established in 1900, the historical site where the first missionary brothers Amans and father Mon Maple Lourdel first landed located in Kigungu, Entebbe Airport the principal international airport of Uganda, various beaches and resorts, several night clubs plus so much more.
Accommodation in Entebbe includes apartments such as Arch apartments, hotels such as airport view hotel, Protea hotel, Askay hotel suites, Anderita beach hotel, Botanical beach hotel and others plus guest houses such as Airport guest house, Boma guest house, Karibu guest house, lake Victoria view guest house, Glory guest house and many others. It also has motels, inns, resorts, cottages and backpackers such as Green valley backpackers, Mirembe backpackers, Entebbe backpackers, Entebbe campsite plus many others.
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