May 28, 2024

Best Saloon Cars For Hire In Kampala City

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Kampala city is Uganda’s busiest center with a variety of government and privately owned businesses and that’s what makes it a major hub for business travelers as well as leisure tourists. There are a variety of attractions to visit if your into culture and numerous hotels and conference avenues if you are in town on business and all of them are spread across  the city so getting around will definitely require you rent a private car for comfort and assurance that you can reach where you are going in time.
4×4 Safari cars are made for park and up-country road trips but if you are searching for a rental car that can blend with the very busy streets of Kampala , then you should rent a saloon car in Uganda with a trusted and reliable travel agency.  Also known as sedans, these 3 box configured vehicles are some of the cheapest cars for hire on self drive and with a driver with prices going as low as US$ 35 per day excluding fuel.
A saloon car can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably with air-conditioner and spacious space for cargo in the rear compartment. Explore the city or book an airport transfer in a sedan and save some money instead of going for the much more luxurious cars that may implicate your travel budget.
Below are top 4 saloon cars available for hire in Uganda –
Toyota PremioHarrierVitz –  Noah – Ipsum
To book one of the cars above or inquire about rates, You can call us on +256-7584540071 or send an email to and we shall be more than delighted to serve you..