June 22, 2024

Top 4 Activities to Enjoy On Safari In Murchison Falls Park

Tour Murchison Falls National Park
Murchison falls park is not Uganda’s largest conservation area but also one of the most visited tourist destination in East Africa. The magnificent falls on the nile and wildlife might be the star attractions but this park has more to offer than meets the eye. The vast savanah plains , river nile coupled with a tropical forests makes this park the perfect destination for game viewing, launch trips, primate tracking, nature walks and birding among others.
There are plenty of interesting tourist activities to choose from but we have narrowed it down to the top 4 that will give you the ultimate Murchison falls safari experience in Uganda
Game Drives
A guided game drive through the Buligi game tracks presents the best opportunity to see a variety of wild animals and birds. Murchison falls park is home to over 76 mammal species and 451 bird species so be ready for the best game viewing experience in Uganda. Wach out for large herds of buffalo, girrafe, elephant and a variety of antelope species include Kobs, Hartebeests, Impala, duikers, water bucks plus warthogs, olive baboons and an a lucky day you may spot the leopards and lions.
Boat Trips
A 3 hour launch trip along the Victoria nile is an amazing way to spot a variety of water mammals and birds as you journey to the bottom of the Murchison falls. Watchout for hippos, nile crocodiles and variety of other species resting on the banks , you cant miss the magnificent African fish eagle as it always seen roaming around hunting for fish.
Primate Tracking
The Kaniyo pabidi & Budongo forests are home to a over 10 primate species making them the perfect destination for primate and nature lovers. You will frequently bump into the Olive baboons but other species you will find in these forests include Black & white colobus monkey, red-tailed monkey, blue monkey and over 800 chimpanzees not to forget the lovely patas monkey among others.
Bird watching
Uganda’s largest wildlife reserve is home to an incredible record of up to 451 bird species, second only to Queen Elizabeth park. You will be able to encounter a majority of species during the game drive, boat cruise , nature walk , community visits and also along the way to your lodge/ camp. The list of birds to expect include Abyssinian ground horn bill, Goliath heron, African fish eagle, Kingfishers, Grey crowned cranes, weaver birds, Black-headed gonolek.
Hiking, nature walks and community visits are the other interesting activities but the above make the cut for the top and most done activities in Murchison falls national park. You can inc-operate them into your itinerary if you wish to full experience one of East Africa’s most visited game park. To book a safari in Murchsion falls park today, simply send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us now on +256-758540071 to talk to us.