June 22, 2024

Tips To Follow During Self Drive in Uganda National Parks

Uganda has been rated among the most favorable safari destinations in Africa with 10 national parks and a number of game reserves that are well endowed with wildlife species. Embark on self drive in Uganda for a chance to visit the parks and reserves privately at your won pace and time . All the national parks are very accessible with great road terrain and well defined game track which offers great opportunities to view animals very well and safe. All entrance and exit points are in good shape therefore do not worry about getting stuck in bushes. Bwindi and Mgahinga National parks are closely forested therefore a small portion of them can accommodate safe driving since major tracking adventures take place here.
Follow some of these tips for a safe self drive trip in any of the national parks in Uganda.
Tip 1: Drive early
Driving early in the morning saves you so much time on the road, preventing you from traffic jam that can delay you. Since most of these national parks are quite far from the Kampala, you need to hit the road earlier so that you do not drive in the night. While in the park, it is great to do the morning game drive early, this is the best time to view the early raisers, and night nocturnal go to rest like the lions, and many more.
Tip 2: Drive unhurriedly
Driving slow is a very safe tip, in a foreign country. Most of the national parks require all people driving inside the park, to drive at least 40km per hour so that there are no collisions with animals or vehicles turning over on rainy days. It is very easy to spot animals while driving slowly and taking very clear and best pictures.
Tip 3: Avoid Driving in the Night
Night game drives are so much fun and adventurous but only when you are with a park guide and so we advice you don’t do self drive after 6pm . Most times during the night it is very hard to spot danger ahead, since elephants, lie in the road, and it is very difficult to find another alternative route if you have no help. These game drives at night at best under supervision on a guide, majorly kidepo and Semuliki national park offer night game drives.
Tip 4: Find a Guide
Being on a self drive trip is more adventurous and private but for cases of game viewing in the park, it is very advisable you hire a guide from the park headquarters or at your lodge, to help you moving around on the game viewing tracks. All of these guides are well informed about the park and will offer you all information about the park and animals residing in the park plus its history. You can hire a driver at $30 dollars per day.
Tip 5: Follow the tracks
All the national parks that do game drives, have well defined tracks to follow during the game drives. Therefore follow the specified routes to avoid any trouble of getting lost when off track, or being stuck in bushes. Therefore it is best to keep the rules and regulations of the park to have a great self-drive trip.
Tip 6: avoid blowing the horn
Noise disturbs the animals so much, therefore blowing the horn while in the park, can arouse the anger of the animals hence creating trouble for yourself, animals can easily attack you, or get the whole near by lodge out of order, therefore it is best to keep the calm and stillness while driving in the park.
Tip 7: Avoid littering in the park
Most of the animals are prone to the human food packets, for example biscuit papers, animals can easily eat them and find trouble, therefore in case you eat something avoid littering, papers or human waste in the park. When driving yourself through a park remember to keep all rubbish in a polythene bag until you get to your lodge and can dump them away.
Tip 8: Make sure to fuel up
Before you start your journey make sure you have a full fuel tank. This will keep you far from empty tanks, in the middle of the park. Having a full tank is the best option all through the trip. There are some gas stations around the park entrances, though it is much safe to enter the park with a full fuel park. Do not forget fuel.

A self drive road trip might be a cheap and adventure filled car rental option but if you dont follow some of the above mentioned tips and regulations, your park tour will be one disaster that might just spoil your whole holiday in Uganda.  To rent a car for self drive in Uganda, simply call us on +256-758540071 or send an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com, we look forward to hearing from you.
Bryan- Safari News Agent