Why Opt For Bungee Jumping Over Rafting In Uganda

Uganda is not only visited for its various wildlife species, beautiful landscapes, rich culture and enormous water bodies but also because of it’s wide array of amazing land and water sports that attract adventure seekers of all sizes from all corners of the world.  Jinja town is the adventure capital of East Africa and home to the source of the Nile that acts as an avenue for extreme land and water sports like white water rafting, bungee jumping kayaking, jet boat tours, wildlife boat trips, quad biking, horseback riding to mention but a few but among all those tourists love rafting the Nile and doing bungee jumping in Uganda and i for one agree with both but here are a few reasons why the latter is a better option.
Cheaper option – Free falling and rebounding off the nile waters is way more affordable than rafting the nile. Bungee jumping costs less than US$ 50 per person while rafting will cost over US$ 120 per person.
Less scary – Though both of the Jinja tour water sports activities are guaranteed to shoot your adrenaline up and give you the scare of your life, there is no denying that getting flipped of a raft into the thunderous rapids is more scary than jumping off a board into the water.
No need for a group – While white water rafting requires you join a group for the tour, the bungy cord is meant for one person meaning if you cant get a group to join, you can as well do it by your self.
Feel like a bird- Many of us have got chance to swim but only a few have chance to fly and that’s what bungee jumping brings to the table. That unique feeling of flying like a bird is an experience that will leave long in your memory.
So if you plan on doing a tour to Jinja this season and still haven’t decided which water sports to do, then you should consider trying out the bungee jump for that affordable high flying less scary adrenaline action on the mighty river nile. For more information , you can call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team or simply send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com.