6 Valuable Tips To Know Before Renting A Car

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Are you renting a car for your vacation, trip, and business trip or field project? Save more hiring a car than spending much on public transport which would keep you from enjoying your trip following the public means schedule. Renting a car on your trip makes a lot of sense and saves you money you would have spent on taxi rides to very different destinations you need to travel to.  Renting a car can sometimes be daunting to both first time and veteran travellers, but below are 6 tips to know before renting a car.

Tip 1: clear rental payments before commencement of the trip

It is best to make your rental bill clear before you start the trip, this saves you worries of unpaid balance and phone calls from the rental company during your trip. We advise not to use prepaid credit card, as some rental companies here won’t accept them. Therefore save the hassle and time, you either make prior deposit on company bank account or check in at the rental offices.

Tip 2: It is costly for children/kids to drive rental cars

Your 18 year old daughter/son may have a spotless driving record with you and friends, but car rental companies won’t take much of that as a great idea to cost them cheaply like they would if you were the one to drive. They are majorly seen as a risky to their valuable goods, knowing much about parties and less about risks on the road and its regulations. Therefore in you are under 25 years , expect a daily fee for young driver whether he/she drives during day or night or just hours as long as you  have indicated him/her on extra drivers for your car rental.

Tip 3: minimize the driver on your list

Whether you are going for a family vacation or friend’s holiday, you should put in mind how many of your friends that will take the wheel, regardless of how many are older than 25 years old or how good they are at driving, any mistake done by them, will be taken care of by you. Therefore it best you select one person to help you drive if need be. Remember many cooks spoil the soup.

Tip 4: consider car insurance

Inquire from your car rental company about the comprehensive insurance. This is one of the basic needs for yourself drive or chauffeur driven trip. A comprehensive insurance offer you assurance of damages being covered in case of any damage on the road. Make sure to drive safe with insurance with your car and life.

Tip 5: bring your own extras if possible

Most of the time you need more than just a car rental. It is sometimes more convenient  to carry some of your necessities than spending extra cost on buying or hiring them, if possible carry car seats for the children as long as they can fit with airline guidelines, than hiring a car seat for the baby. You can rent a GPS from your rental agency but if you  need extra amenities like music flash player, it is best you  carry one, it save on added costs for some things

Tip 6: fill up the tank before returning the car

You have had a great time at your trip or project and it is time to return the vehicle to the rental company. It is out of courtesy to fill the tank than returning an empty  tank, it save a lot of hassle and shame, to get an empty car to the company in regards to finishing up  what is yours. Leave a reasonable amount of fuel for whoever will pick the car at your drop off point.