June 22, 2024

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Exploring Rwanda’s beautiful natural attractions and cities is not easy on foot though the size of the country can be compared to a district in Uganda, Kenya or Tanzania. There is a need to rent a private car if you plan on traveling around safely and comfortably and as all bookings, there are queries that may arise like where to pick-up and drop the car ? , Is the car insured? , what requirements to bring? the age limit or how to pay for a specific car not to mention but a few.

We at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris offer a wide range cars for hire in East Africa and here are some of the frequently asked Rwanda car rental questions to help you make the right decision before you decide to look for private transportation in Rwanda.

Q-What are the car booking procedures?

A- You really won’t have to travel just to make a booking in case you are out of Kigali since reservations can be made online via our website unless you are within Kigali to come to our office in person but for online reservations or bookings, a short contact form can be filled indicating the specific type of car/service you desire, be very certain to receive immediate feedback from the reservations team.

Q- What payment channels are available?

A- We have put in the easiest methods of payments to cater for everyone and they include Mobile money, bank transfers and payments made in person at our offices. All the account numbers and mobile money numbers are indicated in the Rwanda car rental invoice and receipts are offered to confirm your payment.

Question – Are payments in installments accepted?

A- A 30% deposit on a car you are hiring confirms your reservation but in case the hirer is picking the car in a week’s time or less you can pay on the pickup day. The balance is cleared upon your arrival prior to the car keys being handed over to you if you made a deposit.

Q-What is the age limit for driving and hiring a car in Rwanda?

A- The legal age for one to qualify for a car hire and driving in Rwanda is 25 years and above but one should not again be beyond 60 years old.

 Question – Do you have both manual and automatic cars?

A– Many people prefer automatic cars but at Tristar Africa Skimmer safaris we offer both manual and automatic transmission cars operating on petrol and diesel engines and it is then up to you to choose.

 Question- Are there specific documents required for me to drive?

A- Just like any other business, before we trust you with the car you have to present before us the original copies of your valid driving permit or license, National Identification Card, passport and any other legal identification and we will make photocopies of them hence confirming your qualification.

Question – Which insurance type is open to a car hirer?

A – We have Comprehensive insurance which is open to the client only if the damage will require at least US$ 200 but any damage lying below US$ 200 will be on the car hirer.

 Question – Apart from Comprehensive insurance, are there any extra services offered?

A-To guide you during your travel,Rwanda travel map, GPS (Global Positioning System), travel magazines and Guide books are provided to you and a free box of bottled water to quench your thirst including a small phone a locally operating Sim card for communication.

 Question Do you measure distances and what is the cost?

A- The company considers unlimited mileage which enables you to drive to any part of Rwanda but make sure re-oiling and tyre replacements are on you. If you decide to cross borders to Uganda or Tanzania, an extra cost will be incured.

QuestionIf am to pick up or drop off the car, are there designated locations?

A-Usually, you are asked to come to our offices or we deliver the car to your residence, hotel or airport and when you are done you can drop it off to the same places mentioned.

 Question – How are drivers paid in Rwanda and how much?

A– It will cost a client US$ 45 per day to hire a driver in Rwanda with driving time from 7:00am to 7:00pm strictly and they have the geography of Rwanda at the tip of their fingers so you won’t have to worry about getting lost.

Question Is it a must for me to tip the driver and how much?

A- It all depends on you and you can decide not to as well but most clients do tipoff they were very impressed and satisfied by the driver’s work. At least US$ 5 and above can be enough depending on your budget.

 Question – Is possible for me to switch with the driver during a trip?

A- Professionally, we are against exchanging drivers to respect traffic rules and regulations then to avoid accidents even if the person qualifies with a valid driving permit unless the driver who signed the Rwanda car rental contract falls ill and cannot drive.

 Question – Do you have any terms and conditions attached to a self drive car?

A- We have friendly terms and conditions attached to a self-drive trip on and off the road with any of our rental cars since you are always in charge of your trip and the car.

 Question – For camping purposes, are camping gears available and how much is a set?

A- For our guest who would love to go for a camping safari, our camping gear is at US$ 10 per day and includes items like camper tent, small mattress, blanket, cooking gas, kitchen utensils (i.e forks, knives, spoons, plates, and saucepans), tables and camper chairs not forgetting guidelines to follow while at the camping site.

 Question – Do special offers exist?

A-For you to benefit from this offers, you should be a returning client, taking more than one car and driving it for at least 5 days. Be guaranteed a huge discount from the Rwanda car rental agency you are booking with.


A– How much is crossing an international border?

A- Getting into another country means crossing an international border and when in for a self drive, US$ 30 is charged for small cars and slightly bigger cars are charged US$ 50. While at the border you are required to pay for a Visa not the company. 

Question What if the car breaks down or I get involved in an accident?

A– You always don’t have to worry about assistance in case you encounter an accident or if the car breaks down because we ensure you have two emergency phone numbers to call on and we make sure they are always available 24/7 with one of them being the mechanic’s.

Usually in life, we never stop to ask questions but doesn’t mean our heads are full of doubts, it is a confirmation of interest depending on the way we seek answers, so whichever query you have about hiring cars in Rwanda, you can call us on +250-787309366 or send an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafris.com iand our team will galdly answer all your car rental questions.