Differences Between the Sedan & an SUV To Guide You When Hiring A Car

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These days, it is extremely difficult to choose your favorite vehicle between a Sedan also known as Saloon cars and an SUV. Both these car types have their pros and cons to make the decision more intricate. The matter becomes complicated while looking at the features and appearance of these automobile types. Some people prefer SUVs to Sedans because of its boxy appearance and dominant suspension. While others opt for Sedans because of its sporty looks and fuel efficiency features. Finding differences between Sedan vs SUV might assist in making the right decision. Especially when it comes to the kind of car you should hire depending on where you want it to take you.

Choosing between a saloon/ sedan or SUV when it comes to hiring a car is a daunting task. Your likes and dislikes matter a lot while picking one of these vehicle types. Understanding the differences might assist in getting the ideal car for you. Be it the power, fuel efficiency, height-length, capacity, or most-importantly the price. The reasons behind your last minute mind change can be the cabin interiors, leg rest space, and the comfort as well. So here are a few differences to help guide your decision.

1. Fuel Efficiency

SUV in full is Sports Utility Vehicle consumes more fuel than Sedans. The reason behind it can be the size of the vehicle. It is because Sedans are smaller and are fuel efficient to the highest degree. This is the biggest difference between sedan and SUV. Ensure to keep this thing in mind while you list down your vehicle options for hire; whether you want a fuel-thirsty vehicle or an efficient one.

2. Storage & Seating Capacity

SUVs are bigger than the Sedan cars. The seating capacity is often more in SUVs. Six to Seven people can easily and comfortably sit in a Sports Utility Vehicle. People often call Sedan cars as the affordable family cars. It is because only four to five persons can comfortably fit inside it. It is one of the preeminent drawbacks while doing comparison between Sedan vs SUV.

3. Suspensions

The manufacturers equip SUVs with high-riding suspension. The reason behind it is the weight bearing capacity of the heavy loads easily and swiftly. The suspension setup in an SUV is stronger than the Sedans. Sedans have lighter suspension setup when compared to SUVs.

4. Maintenance

SUVs are larger in size so the maintenance charges are higher in these automobiles. Sedan cars have softer suspension system and the maintenance charges are extremely less. It is due to the fact that SUVs experience more wear and tear while roaring on the roads. SUVs are a great choice if you love driving on those rough or bumpy roads.

Conclusively, keeping these differences in mind when considering a car to hire will be of great help in choosing the ideal vehicle especially if it’s going to be for a longer while than just one day or two. Simply get in touch with us Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris on +256758-540071 or by email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com