Why You Should Hire A Harrier For A Wedding In Kampala

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From a lay man’s perspective, most people especially in Uganda look at the 2015 Toyota Harrier as any other ordinary and the reason for that is quite simply because it’s not a rare on the streets of Kampala. The rumour about it though remains that it consumes a little more fuel as compared most sedans on the roads of East Africa.

But, make no mistake; the Toyota Harrier is no ordinary car. This Japanese make falls into the mid class category of crossover SUVs, hence boasting of a luxury look, both inside and outside that will surely match your expectations of elegancy as far as bridal cars are concerned.Toyota usually sells this model under the Lexus flagship as an RX model with exclusive features, and the year 2013 in particular witnessed Harrier fusing to a new generation of different styles and features from the RX. The model is now under its 3rd generation with improved engine function and fuel efficiency. It’s also a hybrid system now with hyped invigorations per excellence if its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show is anything to go by.

The Interior

The Toyota Harrier interior is a show of real high class, luxury and comfort. The crossover SUV boasts of the interior spots black-leather upholstery, deep Burgundy leather-wrapped dashboard and side panel. Furthermore, the highest Premiums comes in Mahogany to thrill every admirer of this new model. The dashboard also comes with neatly designed curves following interior panels and steering wheels. Its dashboard has a huge HD touch-screen too. Most of all, it comes with a full-air bag system for safety in real time.

Needless to say that the Harrier also boasts of a spacious interior which most brides need to sit with comfort given their often big wedding dresses. The Toyota make is also equipment with a super-sound music system so your chauffeur will have no excuse starving you with some soothing music as you enjoy the ride to the different destinations on your wedding day.

The Exterior

The exterior of Toyota Harrier is elegantly designed with improvements especially in curves, wide lower grille which is hexagonal trimmed. The upper grille comes with a Harrier badge distinguishing it from other Toyota line-ups. Not only that, Toyota designers added Fenders and thick rear pillars to the Harrier 2015. This makes the outstanding beautiful headlights and rear-lights.

It’s superior and elegantly designed with trim body and a streamline body. Inothers words, you will have no reason whatsoever to complain when it comes to style and taste when you choose this monster ride as your wedding car.

And as for those that are looking to hire this beautiful ride outside the wedding day or party-goals kind of thing, it’s important to that the Toyota Harrier modernized engine performs much better than its predecessors in real time.It’s well designed to depict Japan’s exclusive state-of -the-art engine styleand has one of the best performance ever recorded engine, which is strong and fuel efficient for those looking to take it miles away. In particular, the 2015 model fuel consumption is also very efficient and with averagely low maintenance cost should anything happen on the road.

Toyota Harrier 2015 is an elegantly designed hybrid car with excellent features and definitely one of its kinds in the luxury SUVs class of models.

So once you have made up your mind about getting a fleet of the Toyota Harrier for bridal cars, simply get in touch with us here at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris on +256758-540071 or by email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com to see your wedding day dreams come true.