June 22, 2024

Party Of The Year In Lira

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Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris has been known to offer the best wedding services in Uganda and Kenya and we didn’t disappoint when it came to Carlos & Babra wedding in Lira. Branded the party of the year not only in Lira but northern Uganda, this wedding surely lived up to the bill with the bride, groom and escorting convoy all look smart in white , the reception looking marvelous and our fleet of bridal cars looking classy as usual.
Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris provided  Carlos & Babra with 4 Range Rovers, 1 Convertible Mercedes along with 10 beautiful ushers to help the guests. The Range Rovers and Convertible lit up the entourage marveling the crowd , elegance and wealth is what these two displayed in Lira , Our female ushers in Uganda  were beautifully dressed in blue to compliment the all white dresses of the bride and groom, the invited guests.
Carlo & Babra have testified that we are some of the best wedding service provider in Uganda, they were happy with the prices, ushering service, bridal cars and the fact that we arrived in Lira on time given the fact that we had to travel from Kampala.
There have been some weddings in Liara but none compares to Carlos and Babra’s occasion, If you plan on having a party in Kampala city or anywhere in Uganda and searching for wedding cars to hire  plus ushers, you can just call us on +256-758540071 to speak with Elia, one of Uganda’s best wedding organizers.