Best Places To Visit On Kigali City Tour

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Kigali is the capital of Rwanda and one of the best destinations for discovering the rich culture and political history of one of East Africa’s smallest country. The good transport and communication network coupled with affordable accommodation and security has turned Kigali into one of the places to visit in Rwanda. The mountain gorillas , wildlife , birds , landscapes and water bodies might be popular attractions  but a Kigali city tour will offer you a whole new dimension to cultural tourism.
Below are some of the top tourist attractions to visit during your tour around Kigali City,
Kigali Genocide Memorial Center –   Situated jut 10 minutes drive away from city center is one of the most popular genocide sites in Rwanda; the Kigali Genocide Memorial center, a place where tombs containing up to 250,000 victims of the 1994 genocide are found. Learn about the history of this horrific genocide as you see the pictures, bones and skulls of victims as well videos of survivors.
Presidential Palace Musuem – Also known as Habiyarimana’s house, the presidential palace is another attraction you can’t afford miss out when on tour in Kigali city. It was one once the home of former Rwanda president, Habyarimana who died tragically when his plane was shot down sparking off the infamous Rwanda genocide that claimed millions of lives.
Kandt House –  Situated on Nyarugenge hill in Kigali city is the former residence of Richard Kandt which was turned in to a Natural History Museum in 2006. The museum is dedicated to showing the evolution, description and life of animals and plants found within Rwanda’s three national parks plus Rwanda’s geological background with and aim showing the interrelation between nature and history. The Kandt house also offers the best views of Mount Kigali, Jali and Syorongi and the old Kigali city.
Planning a safari in Rwanda and would love to tour Kigali city, the above three destinations are probably the best places to learn and relive the culture and history of Rwanda. To inquire or book a trip, simply send us an email to or call us +250-787309366 to speak with the reservations team.