Top 4 Rental Cars For Self Drive Safaris In Kenya

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The word “safari” is local swahili term that refers to an overland journey that was once purposely for big game hunting but now is mainly for watching animals & birds, mountain hiking , visiting cultural tribes, camping among other exciting activities . Tourists of all types including adventure seekers, nature lovers, cultural enthusiasts, leisure and business travelers visit Kenya for chance to get the ultimate¬† African wildlife safari experience. For centuries safaris have been conducted under guidance of professional tour guides who know their way around various parks and attractions not to mention knowledge about the wildlife and local culture but guiding has steadily been replaced by self drive road trips which is a much option, offers loads of privacy and flexibility.
There are a variety of rental cars available for self drive safaris in Kenya but only a few are guaranteed to give tourists that ultimate road trip. The features of the cars mentioned below make them the ideal rental cars for any one wishing to drive themselves around Nairobi to Kenya national park or any other popular destination.
1 – Safari Land Cruiser – The customized Toyota land cruiser is the oldest and most popular safari car in Africa that has been used by tourists since the advent of park tours. The 8-seater safari land cruiser has a pop-up roof, fridge box with comfortable seats and adequate cargo space in the rear. The 4×4 mechanism coupled with large tyres ensure the land cruiser can handle even the toughest of terrain so you can be assured you wont get stuck in the ditch or fail to ride out the muddy slopes.
2- Safari MiniVan – Another popular rental car ideal for self drive in Kenya is the mid-sized bus known as a safari van, the 9 seater van can is suitable for small groups like families and friends looking for an adventure in Kenya. The mini van has a pop-up roof with a cargo roof rack plus more space in the rear so you and the group are guaranteed total comfort and leg room.
3- Toyota Rav4 – If you are planning a Kenya self drive road trip and are on a limited budget, then you should rent a Rav4 as it is the cheapest and most fuel economic rental car in Kenya renown for it’s comfort, easy steering and most importantly spacious cargo space. The compact SUV can accommodate up to 4 people comfortably making it the perfect car for couples and solo travelers planning to visit a park or on business tour.
4- Land Cruiser Prado –¬† The Toyota Land cruiser is another fine addition to the list of self drive cars in Kenya, the cruiser can accommodate up to 5 people comfortably and has spacious room for luggage in the rear ideal for family tours, business trips in Nairobi as well as park tours given it’s 4×4 mechanism and large tyres.
Planning to do a self drive safari in Kenya and searching for the perfect rental car to drive to that park or attraction of interest; Search no further, the above four cars are the best pick in terms of comfort, affordability and ability to handle the tough terrain as well. To rent a car in Kenya today , simply send us an email to or call us on +254-713510387 to speak with the reservations personel.