June 22, 2024

2018 Mountain Gorilla Census Ongoing In Bwindi Forest


There has been an ongoing mountain gorilla census in Bwindi national park, home of the gorillas situated in south western Uganda. News reports suggest that the Uganda gorilla census started a month back in March 2018 after seven years since the last census was carried out.
Bashir Hangi, the communications office of UWA(Uganda Wildlife Authority) said that the gorilla counting exercise is being carried out to update the conservation data of various conservation and wildlife agencies as well plan for the future of these incredible primates.
The 2011 gorilla census results showed that Bwindi impenetrable forest was home to over 440 mountain gorillas , a number that Rwanda & Congo can’t match, and current rumors from UWA suggest that we could even get a higher number this year God willing.
Majority of tourists who visit Uganda for safari always add mountain gorilla trekking tour on to their bucket list of activities to do. The chance to encounter these endangered giant apes is regarded as one of the most thrilling wildlife encounters in Africa.
The death of 11 lions in Queen Elizabeth national park might have been tragic news for tourism in Uganda but the hope of an increased number of mountain gorillas will surely put a smile on may faces including the Uganda Tourism Board, safari companies and wildlife conservations across the globe.
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