June 22, 2024

Buganda Royal Mile Carnival Launched

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As part of events to mark the Kabaka’s 25 coronation anniversary , Buganda kingdom is glad to welcome the first ever cultural carnival that will be held along the Royal Mile road in Mengo form June 24 to July 1. Addressing members of the Buganda Heritage & Tourism board during the event’s launch on Monday 30 April, the prime minister of Buganda (Katikiro) emphasized that the Bulange Royal Mile carnival’s main aim was to promote and preserve the rich cultural history and traditions of Buganda kingdom while entertaining and involving the local community and tourists in a fun filled atmosphere.
Under the theme “Rediscover the Gateway To The Pearl Of Africa , the royal mile carnival is guaranteed to attract multitudes of people around Kampala and in the far corners of Uganda to celebrate and learn more during this one of a kind cultural street party in Mengo. Expect performances from artistes of all genres as you feast on the local foods and drinks.
Other activities to do during the carnival include training seminars about agriculture , research and cooperative societies. University students across Uganda will get chance to compete in an art challenge showcasing the history and culture of Buganda kingdom plus children will also get a piece of the action when they show case their work in the children cultural village.
We will keep you informed about the latest news about the Royal Mile carnival until June 24 May when it commences. For more info , simply call us on +256-758540071.

Sabasajja Awangale