Top 3 Reasons To Visit Queen Elizabeth National Park

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Uganda is a country filled with many tourist attractions including wildlife, people , landscapes and water bodies all of which play a big part in attracting tourists of all types from all corners of the world each year. These attractions can be found within the city, Jinja town , national parks to mention but a few destinations and that’s why it sometimes becomes hard for one to choose what to do or where to go when planning a safari in Uganda.
Bwindi national park is the home of the mountain gorillas,  Murchison falls park hosts the strongest falls and the Big Four wild animals while Jinja town is the adventure capital of East Africa but Queen Elizabeth national park dubbed the “Medley of Wonders” is one of the best national parks not in Uganda but Africa as a whole.  A guided or self drive safari in Queen Elizabeth national park is guaranteed to give you that full wildlife adventure experience only a few destinations in Uganda can offer.
Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris organizes guided park tours to all Uganda parks and our reservations team have noticed that many tourists enjoy their visit to Queen Elizabeth more than any other when they return and review what happened and below are some reasons why you should it to your bucket list of places to visit when on a Uganda safari adventure.
Kazinga Channel
The long narrow  water channel that connects Lake George & Edward offers the best boat trip experience in Uganda attracting a wide range of mammal and bird species most notably the large population of hippos and nile crocodiles. Enjoy a 3 hour boat ride along the channel as you take pictures of the wildlife and spectacular landscapes and forests that border the channel.
Cheaper primate tracking rates

The infamous “Valley of the Apes” is another reason why you should make a safari to Queen Elizabeth national park , forget about paying up to 150 dollars for chimpanzees in Kibale forest or paying a hefty 600 dollars to see the gorillas , you only need to pay a mere 50 dollars to track chimpanzees at the Kyambura gorge hence this gives you extra money to spend on other activities.
Once visited by Queen Elizabeth II
One another reason to visit the park is because it’s the only park in Uganda visited by  her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  in 1954 prompting the park to be renamed from Kazinga national park to Queen Elizabeth Park. The park tour was part of her 1954 Africa Royal safari and it was a great honor for Uganda to host the Queen Of England and even better visit a park.
There a variety of other parks to visit if you plan on doing a safari in Uganda but a Queen Elizabeth park safari is one you can not afford to miss out on. To book safari or request a quote, simply send us  an email to or call us on +256-75850071 to speak with the reservations team.