June 22, 2024

Rwanda Wins The First Ever WTTC Global Leadership Award

Rwanda has been on the global scene the whole of April¬† releasing the the Rwanda royal tour that has caught the eyes of many and also being named the next host of the forth coming Commonwealth Heads of State Meeting scheduled for 2020 but a few didn’t know that Rwanda also scooped the inaugural Global Leadership Award which is a form of appreciation given by the World Travel & Tourism Council to countries that base on tourism to develop a country economically and socially , which is what Rwanda has been doing for several years and finally won the award.
The first ever WTTC Global Leadership Award is reserved for countries who put travel and tourism at the forefront of a their countries development and social ties and given Rwanda was once ravaged by the horrific genocide, it was only deserving for the Land of A Thousand Hills to get this presitigious award.
This is really great news for Rwanda tourism and only elevates their position among Africa’s top safari destination. The landscapes , coupled with rich culture, diverse wildlife , great weather, security and affordable accommodation has made safaris in Rwanda the best adventures for tourists searching for adventure and leisure.
We at Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris congratulate Rwanda and hope Uganda can win it one day.
Bryan M