June 22, 2024

Benefits of Renting A Car Over Public Transportation In Uganda

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Uganda is a large safari destination blessed with an abundance of tourist attractions situated in all corners of the country, some within the city and other in remote areas inter connected by various tarmac and murram roads and this is where you definitely need to rent a car plus driver or go on a self drive trip. Opting for public transport may seem a much cheaper option but in the long run is more expensive than hiring a car , from the time uncertainties to the discomfort you get when ride with other unknown passengers, we recommend you go online or visit a car rental agency in Kampala and reserve yourself a car for your holiday.
Below are 3 reasons you should consider getting a car if you wish to explore Uganda safely and comfortably.
Car Options
You don’t have to be limited to one car during your road trip, a majority of companies offer a wide range of rental cars to choose from. Whether you want a small sedan or a mid-sized van that fits a small group/ family , you can get whatever you ask for just as long as you remember to book early most especially during the high season months. You can book online or visit the offices in person.
Self Drive
Public transportation limits you to being driven by the owner or company employee which isn’t the case when you rent a car, you have a choice of getting behind the steering wheel which popularly known as self drive. This option offers you all the privacy, freedom and flexibility to visit whichever destination you want, make stop-overs whenever you want ensuring you travel at your own pace and time.
Chauffeur / Driver
If your not well versed with the roads and traffic regulations in Uganda, then you could always benefit more if you hire a chauffeur in Uganda to guide and help you along the journey. You wont be guaranteed a professional driver when you use public transportation which isn’t the case here, you can choose a driver or let the company reservations team get you the best one ensuring you travel in safe hands.
Road Assistance
Be assured of on and off road assistance when you use an agency’s services. No need to worry about breakdown or collisions as the office can always send a mechanic over to fix the problem plus a replacement vehicle if need be to allow you continue your journey as soon as possible.
Interested in renting a car in Uganda today, get in touch with us through booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758 540071