June 22, 2024

Top 4 Wedding Cars For Hire In Uganda

A wedding is a very special event and to some a once in a life time experience which offers long lasting memories. From choosing the perfect venue, brides maids, grooms men to the food and transportation, there’s a lot to plan for before the main day. It can be hard to choose a wedding car when you don’t have adequate information about where to find them, prices and how to book them. Go online and browse through, get in touch with a trusted and reliable car rental or events agency in Kampala and inquire about rates and availability for any car you might be interested. It’s advisable to choose a car that suits the party theme and that includes dressing style and venue design. Below are our top 4 recommended bridal cars to spice up any event
Limousine– The stretch limousine also known as a ‘Limo’ is a one of the most popular luxury cars that will leave your guests’ jaws dropping with awe. The stylish exterior and magnificent interior make this the ideal transportation for your bride and groom; From the mini bar, fridge box, air-conditioner, TV sets all set in a private deck gives a cool environment for the loved ones as they travel to and from the church and reception.
Mercedes Benz – This is by far the most rented car for parties in Uganda due its affordability as well as style. There are a up to 5 series available each with a distinct colour and headlight shape, whether you prefer C , S, E Class models or the advanced ML , GL models , you will get any car of your choice today.
Range Rover Sport – This a mid-sized luxury SUV manufactured by Land Rover in the United Kingdom made in black & white versions with an elegant interior fitting of a royal family no wonder its used by Presidents, Ministers, Kings and Queens. A Range Rover just like the limo represents class and wealth to your friends, family and relatives.
Vintage Cars – The old classic car models will light up any wedding event coming in different shapes, sizes, style and colour. You can choose from the wide range of available vehicles including Beetle (frog), Bently, Volkswagen, Ford and arrive at your party in style.
There are plenty of other available wedding cars for hire including Land Cruisers, Jaguar, Chrysler, Hummer 2 , Cross country among others but these four make the cut for the most affordable and available. You can hire 1 to 7/ 10 cars depending on the number of people in your convoy.
To book any of the above cars , you can contact us today through booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758 540071 to speak with our reservations desk. We looking forward to hearing from you.