June 22, 2024

All About Primate Tracking In Uganda

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Primates have always held a high place among the the most sought after wild animals in Africa, their close relation to the human structure & behavior makes them one of the most intriguing species in the world. Uganda is home to 14 primate species but a majority of primate lovers and nature enthusiasts visit Uganda for a chance to see the incredible mountain gorillas and chimpanzees though they will get a chance to see the other during nature walks.
Bwindi and Kibale forest offer the best primate tracking adventures in Uganda and rightly so because of the large concentration of these species with Bwindi national park having over half the population of the endangered mountain gorillas which is over 450 gorillas and counting while Kibale forest has over 1450 chimpanzees plus other 12 monkey species including Vervet Monkey, Blue monkey, Red tailed monkey, L’hoest monkeys, Black and white colobus monkey, Grey cheeked mangabey, Ugandan red colobus, Olive baboon and the rare Potto and Bush baby
Other primates in Uganda can be found at the Kyambura gorge in Queen Elizabeth national park plus Kaniyo-pabidi and Budongo forest all in Murchison falls park, so if you want to track primates and do game drives, then these parks will offer you the ultimate wildlife adventure.
A visit to the Ngamba island sanctuary offers you an up-close view and more personal connection with orphaned chimpanzees , you will be able to touch and even feed them which isn’t the case when you are doing gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking in Kibale forest. Getting to Ngamba island is another adventure itself as you will traveling by boat giving chance to enjoy the beautiful views on Lake Victoria , watch birds and local fishermen go about their business.
For a more affordable but less adventurous primate tracking in Uganda, you can make a visit to Entebbe zoo, you will encounter about five primates including the cheeky and welcoming Vervet monkeys and if you traveling with the kids, they can enjoy the kids park as they marvel at the other wildlife species.
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