June 22, 2024

Why You Should Go White Water Rafting on River Nile

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Do you need an adrenaline thrill and are looking at going white water
rafting to appease your desires? Then, doing it on the longest river in
the world R.Nile which is found in Jinja town will give you an
experience worth writing home about. Rafting on the Nile is quite safe
for both first timers and adventure enthusiasts since one does go down
the white rapids with professional staff.

Most people prefer to do rafting at the Nile because its offers rafting
services on simple Grade 1 rapids to Grade 5 rapids for hardcore
experts. The adrenaline pumping thrill from this experience of
overcoming big rapids, falling into the waterfalls and getting back into
the raft while enjoying the spectacular scenery of flowers, birds and
monkeys on the river banks is like no other at all.

Three companies in Uganda offer white water rafting on the Nile; Nile
River Explorers, Nalubale Rafting, Adrift Uganda  and White Nile
Rafting. You can opt to go for a half day rafting package or full day
rafting package while experts can choose to go on the extreme rafting
course where they have to overcome some of the scariest rapids in the
world. Even options for families exist where you can do it in solidarity
as a family.

Jinja which is also known as the “adventure capital” of Uganda also
offers other exciting activities for adventurists like bungee jumping,
kayaking, jet boating and quad biking that one can combine with the
rafting for a wholesome experience.
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