June 22, 2024

Car Rental Services VS Using Your Own Car

Traveling around a Uganda requires public or private means with the latter including using your own car or renting one.  Your car may be the best and most affordable option but using car rental services comes with its benefits too, from comfort all the way to avoiding extra costs, you definitely cant wrong when you book a vehicle with a trusted and reliable car rental agency as explained below.
No need to worry about damage costs
One of the top benefits of ditching your own car and going for a rental car in Uganda is that you you wont have to stress yourself over paying for any damages to the car let alone worry about servicing it after a road trip as all this covered by the company through comprehensive insurance. This will help you save money offering you chance to concentrate on other things off the budget.
Get chance to drive another car
You have been driving your own car literally your whole life and so getting behind the steering wheel of a different car will make you feel like your driving for the first time giving you that adventure you have longed for. Get chance to drive safari car or luxury brand you only see on the streets and TV with the available Uganda car rental services in any destination.
Hire a personal driver
Driving your own car can sometime be tiring and boring especially if your going to remote up-country destination like village or national park and thats why you should opt for using the services of driver. You wont have to worry about getting lost or fixing a breakdown as your personal driver got it covered. Just sit-back , relax and let him do everything for including giving you company.
So before you plan to drive your own car, you should first think about the benefits and risks involved as compared to using car rental services. For further information , simply send us an inquiry to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.