June 22, 2024

4 Tips To Consider When Choosing An Airport Transfer Service In Uganda

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Are you planning to travel to Uganda for the first time and in need of someone to guide you around, you will definitely have to book the services of a private Entebbe airport taxi company or car rental agency for a safe and comfortable road trip to your hotel/ residence?  Getting around Kampala city can be quite hectic given long traffic jam hold-ups and passenger crowded will give you hell especially if you are not a regular visitor. You may decide to use public transportation since its much cheaper but is so unsafe and uncomfortable plus the chances of getting where you are going in time a very minimal. However when you book an airport transfer in Uganda  prior to your arrival, you will assured of trusted and reliable service hence getting the treatment worth every penny.
Below are 4 tips to follow to get the best airport transfer service when looking for transportation to and from Enttebe airport-
Tip 1Book with the right agency
Once you have determined that you will require transportation from the airport, go online and browse through search engines and review websites to determine which company can offer you an affordable airport transfer service. Visit the company website and check out prices, read through past reviews from customers and also find out latest discounts and offers. Google, Yahoo, TripAdvisor, SafariGuides are all good sources of information about various airport agencies in Uganda.
Tip 2- Book In Advance
Once you have decided which agency will be offering you their services, then proceed and book online as early as possible. When making your travel plans about where and when to travel, you should always also include transportation from Entebbe airport to your hotel. Get online and search for a reputable company to book with and once your reservation is confirmed, you can either make a deposit or make full payments on arrival.
Tip 3Indicate Flight Details
When sending an inquiry, don’t forget to include your full flight details which include passenger names, airways names plus arrival and departure dates. This is very important as it allows the reservation team to pick you up and drop you off on time giving the superb customer care worth your money.
Tip 4 – Type Of Rental Car & Price
The type of rental car to use depends on the number of people that will require transportation to and from Entebbe Airport.  A coaster bus is suitable for small groups of to 30 passengers while a Toyota rav4 is comfortable for 2 to 3 passengers. A family or group of 5 to 6 can use the Super-custom. Almost all Uganda car rental companies offer price quotes based on one way transfer; pick-up or drop off covering driver and fuel.
Interested in booking an  airport transfer service in Uganda , simply get in  touch with us through booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.