June 22, 2024

6 Tips Of Preparing For A Perfect Road Trip

With the availability of flights, including chartered flights almost to anywhere and everywhere these days, not many people are willing to take a long road trip. However, while the desire to explore on-the-road experiences continues to decline in modern-day tourism, people still take road trips for vacations and visits to friends as well as family.

Some people also do it for taking a break, trying new things, or pondering on life choices. So if you’re preparing for a road trip for the first time, regardless of where to, there are certain things that you should be aware of. Much as road trips are fun, the first one can however be challenging and stressful. We hope that these ideas will help you to stay positive while getting ready for a road trip when you decide to rent a car in Uganda for that rather long adventurous journey

1. Make a plan

What to do before a road trip?Plan everything and prepare the vehicle. Although a last-minute excursion is exciting, but, resist the temptation when you are a first-timer. Mark your destination and routes but don’t be too strict with the timeline because delays are inevitable, you never know where you will find traffic or road works especially here in Uganda. Much as we rely on technology for maps lately, it’s important to have a printed map just in case; network may not be so good everywhere.

2. Check the car

Checking your car before a road trip is a must-do for any road trip preparation. Send the vehicle to a garage and have it checked for any problem. All the fluid tanks should be full and there should not be any leak, damage, or crack anywhere. Look into the wheels to check their alignment and the tires for their inflation. However, with a rental car from Tristar Africa Skimmer safaris, you won’t have to worry about any of that. Our vehicles are well maintained and always serviced ready to hit the road.

3. Pack the essentials

Preparing for a road trip does not mean packing some food, drinks, clothes, a toothbrush & toothpaste, blankets, and pillows. There are many other items that need to put in your trunk. Pack a torch or flashlight, batteries, chargers and toilet paper. Don’t forget about tote bags, water bottles, a small stove especially if the DIY kind of person, and other items that you need in your everyday life.Plus, don’t forget your travel documents like passport or nation ID, a driver’s license, and any other important paper in a waterproof bag especially if your road will involve cross some boards. Imagine a trip around East Africa, from Uganda to Rwanda, then Burundi into Tanzania and ending up in Kenya; fun right.

4. Keep an emergency kit

A basic first aid kit should be in the inventory even if it is going to be a day trip. Also, keep a spare tire, a jack, a tire gauge, that can help you fix any tire related problems. A basic set of tools and jumper cables are necessary in case if you need to jump-start the car when your battery pulls one on you during a stopover in the course of your journey.

5. Be friendly…to almost everybody

It seems to be an odd tip to include in the “how to prepare for a road trip” guideline. But, it’s the basic life lesson that you have to learn to survive not only a road trip but everywhere. When you are outside of your territory, be polite, amicable, and don’t do anything to annoy or offend the local people.

6. Keep some extra money

You know what they say; “save the best for the last”. Yes, this is arguably one of the most vital tips for a perfect trip. Never forget about it when you are preparing for a road trip. It is important to stay within the budget, but have some extra for emergencies. Keep that debit card along with some cash on hand to tackle any unexpected situation that may come your way while on the road.

So, once you’re ready to take that trip, just keep these tips in mind for a successful ride alone, with a loved one, friends, family or group. To rent a car in Uganda for a road trip around the city or to a remote destination like a national park or village, simply send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us now on +256-785231603 / +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.

Bryan Hulk