May 28, 2024

4 Reasons Why Tourists Prefer Birding Safaris in Uganda

‘A birders paradise’ is what Uganda is referred to by twitchers  who are fortunate to visit it due to the great variety of birds found in its fairly small area. Over 1060 birds can be found across several habitats from lakes, swamps and forests to agricultural lands, savannas and towns. The country also boasts of having the most sought after birds in Africa like the Shoebill stork and Green-breasted Pitta. Queen Elizabeth national park and Mabamba wetland are two of the best places for birding in Uganda but other spots include forests like Budongo, Mabira, Kibale, Bwindi, Maramagambo plus parks like Murchison falls park, lake mburo and Mgahinga.
If you are an enthusiastic birder and are wondering where your next birding expedition should be, these reasons should be able to convince you to come to Uganda for a gratifying birding experience:
Variety of bird species
Uganda is filled with lots of accidental and endemic species including both passerine and non-passerine birds giving you a huge selection to choose from. Notable species include shoebill, grebes, ostriches, weavers, commorants, cranes, eagles, storks, pigeons, doves, secretary birds,  owls, broad-bills, pelicans, egrets, Kingfishers, barbets, woodpeckers, hornbills, bee-eaters to mention but a few, the list is endless if you decide to choose to do your biding safari in Uganda
Variety of habitats
The habitats in this small nation run across forests, wildlife reserves, swamps ,  lakes and even along the city streets and suburbs . Birds in Uganda are generally everywhere so be ready to add a huge number to your list on a tour to any of these places.
Extra benefits/Double enjoyment
Most birding expeditions in Uganda  take place on boat cruises and game drives so you can get to see other fascinating mammals including lions, elephants, giraffes, zebra, antelopes, warthogs , baboons for that extra wildlife experience.  Other activities including in a typical bird watching safari include hiking and chance to visit local communities.
Expert birding guides
The birding guides in Uganda are professional trained by the best and so you can be assured you will get to spot a variety of birds under company of an experienced and friendly guide who is ready to offer you some background info about the birds and their habitats. The Ugandan guides are well versed with both English and other local languages so you will get well informed along the trip.
Don’t hesitate to book with us on for an unforgettable Uganda birding expedition. We will arrange the on-ground transportation, accommodation offering you a professional and enthusiastic bird guide.