June 22, 2024

5 Tips For Renting A Car In Uganda

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Planning to visit Uganda for safari , business or leisure holiday and still wondering how you will be getting around to whichever destination you will be visiting. No need to worry about that, you can just rent a car in Uganda for self drive or with a driver at affordable rates in just a few clicks. However booking a car is no easy task as you have to get the right car from the right company at the right price for a safe and affordable road trip.
Below are 5 useful car rental tips in Uganda if you looking for the best deal.
⦁ Find a reputable car rental company
There are a variety of Uganda car rental companies and travel agencies ready to offer you their services but not all of them are reliable and trusted. Go online and search about the company your booking with while looking through other options, read review and past customer testimonies to get a glimpse of who you are dealing with. You can use search engines like Google & Bing to type in what car or service you want and then choose the pages that appear on the first page for the best and most reliable companies.
⦁ Choose a suitable rental car
Rent a car that fits the number of people you are traveling and most importantly a car than can handle the terrain of the destination you will driving through. A 4-door saloon car is ideal for 2 to 5 passengers while a mini-van and coaster bus are the perfect cars for group trips in Uganda. If you plan on visiting a national park or remote destination, then its advisable to request for a safari car with 4 -wheel drive mechanism and a pop-up roof for game viewing. Getting the suitable car guarantees you dont have to spend more for something less and vice-versa.
⦁ Compare prices
Uganda car rental companies charge different prices for each service depending on which type of car you want to hire and number of days you will need it. The higher the number of rental days, the lower the price and vise versa. Dont book with the first company you get in touch with, go online and look through the prices and discount offers by other agencies before making the final decision for a cost effective deal.
⦁ Go for self drive option
You can choose to go with a driver or go for the much cheaper self drive option. Save yourself from the extra costs when you hire a driver in Uganda and drive yourself to any park , tourist destination or local attraction at your own pace and time. The freedom and flexibility you get when you rent a car for self drive will give you that adventure experience you desire.
Book Early
This is a very useful car rental tip that you cant afford to ignore, booking a car in advance say a 2 weeks or month before your arrival is highly recommended as it can save you from missing out on a car of your choice in case the car company rents them all out hence you will have to settle for any other option they can get for you. Book early and make a deposit so that the company can reserve your car as early as possible.
If you plan on renting a car in Uganda this season, then you should consider following the above mentioned car tips for a safe , comfortable and most importantly affordable road trip in Uganda. For more car rental tips , call us on +256-758540071.