June 22, 2024

Why People Love Visiting Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park which is found in the north western part of Uganda is not only the largest and oldest park in the country, but it’s also one of the parks with a high return rate from visitors. With over 76 species of mammals which include the famous five residing in the park, over 451 birds and the waterfalls as well as the Nile that passes through it, this park is more like a total package tourist destination as it has several tourist attractions.
Mentioned below are attractions and activities that make people love a safari to Murchison falls park,
A boat trip on Victoria Nile 
The boat cruise to the bottom of the falls will reward you with a lifetime experience as you will view hippos, some of the largest crocs in the world, buffalos, antelopes on the riverbanks and a variety of birds like the African Eagle that is always on the hunt for fish. The thunderous sound of the magnificent Murchison falls can be heard from a far before you sight them and what a sight they are.
View of the falls from the top
Viewing the Murchison falls from the top is quite a unique experience which offers you a chance to take memorable photos and to see the much smaller Uhuru falls. The view of vast wilderness of the park from the top is amazing too. You can either drive to the top of the falls as soon as you enter the park or opt to hike to the top after the boat cruise.
Night game drives
Apart from the day game drives where you can see giraffes, elephants, antelopes, lions and maybe the leopards, night game drives are also encouraged in this park. Night safaris offer visitors a different perspective of the park and you can get the chance to see the nocturnal animals like the leopard, hyena, porcupine, various reptiles, bush babies and night jars.
Chimp tracking in Budongo forest
Chimpanzee trekking can be done in two place in this forest; at Kaniyo Pabidi where 6 groups of chimps have been habituated and at Busingiro eco tourism site. With over 600 chimps said to be found in this forest, the chances of seeing these primates is high especially between the months of June-August. Visitors can also enjoy views of ancient mahagony trees as they chimp track and occasional sightings of baboons.
Birding in Budongo forest
Budongo forest is ranked as one of the best birding destinations in East Africa due to its variety of birds. in this forest can reward you with an amazing birding experience. The birds to lookout for are the Yellow-footed Flycatcher and IIIadopsis puveli which can only be seen here in the whole of East Africa. You can also enjoy seeing other birds like the Black-eared ground thrush, Sabine’s spine tail, Chocolate-backed kingfisher, Cameroon somber greenbul, Pygmy cake and the Brown Twin-spot.
Sport fishing and community visits can also be added to the things that make people to love visiting Murchison Falls national park. For more information visit: www.tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com