June 22, 2024


A function without ushers is like a zoo without guides, – let’s say a market. Tristar ushers should be your number one choice if you decide to attach not only order but class to your function.
These ushers have the best skills to handle guests of different calibres with a smile on their face. Tristar ushers are always available from the start to the end of the function. Late comers, people that have no idea where to seat, guests under the influence of alcohol will be handled with care to avoid disruption as the ceremony smoothly flows.
Ushers escort guests to their seats before the ceremony (guiding female guests by the arm), roll out the aisle runner (if you have one), and act as general guest guides. Designating friends and family members as ushers is a great way to include more people in your wedding day fun without overdosing on groomsmen. After all, if you have too many people traipsing up and down the aisle, your ceremony may drag on a bit. Here are some of the functions of ushers.
A warm welcome
From a view of any events manager it’s great when there are a few eager and responsible ladies around to help things run smoothly. One of their most important tasks is to welcome the guests as they arrive. Let’s admit guests are usually very nervous as they arrive for a wedding or any function. Some guests are usually arriving by themselves and others have never been to that place before because perhaps they have arrived from a far. In that case nothing puts them at ease like a warm welcome and a smile from an usher who can usher them to where they are supposed to be. In case of single ladies arriving for the wedding, it’s quite lovely if an usher walks her majestically to her seat.
A helpful hand
Most times the guests at the venue do not know where the toilets are where to hang their coats or where they are supposed to be at a given point, so that’s when the helpful hand of an usher sets in. guests at the venue will gravitate towards ushers for questions therefore it is important for the events manager to fill the information to the ushers. Ushers need to arrive earlier at the wedding for information on how to do their work in order to deliver effectively.
When it comes to foods and lining up, let the usher take the lead at directing on which table is next on the food lineup to avoid just a big queue forming outside. This allows organisation and fast serving of the food which will enable to save time before the bride and groom arrive depending on how you want the ceremony to move. The ushers could as well give out coupons to avoid situations where others miss out on food. Some ushers will go an extra mile of serving the drinks in quite an organized way.
Control any uncertainties
Some guests might be under the influence of alcohol and try to distract the function. Ushers will smartly keep this situation under control curbing the situation from further damages. An usher will be the right person to politely ensure that this person is led out without attracting much attention. That is the reason ushers need to stand at the back of the event watching out for any issues.
Deals with late comers
The tendency of late coming is quite common in the African culture, but better late than never. Ushers will provide seats for late comers without leaving them to stand at the back in confusion. This is important as it will keep the function flowing without people shifting much attention to the late person.
Looking cool
Let’s not forget that ushers do look pretty cool. Secretly they love dressing up in the fine suits and matching dresses. I remember one wedding where they looked very traditional and it matched really well. Ushers know how to add elegance to any function.
In conclusion, hopefully you know what the role of ushers is, remember that if you don’t fancy having any ushers that’s absolutely fine but your ceremony will suffer from a lot. So it is only food for thought that you start considering ushers for your ceremony. Tristar ushers will serve you to exceed your expectation because our ushers are trained to be polite confident and very respectful not forgetting that all languages and tribes are sorted depending on your preference.
Choose Tristar Ushers for the best Services. You will not regret.