June 22, 2024


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Just the sound of this name, Kalangala thoughts that explain fun, pleasure and joy will whirl through your mind. For many, it is a dream to cross a lake and imagine themselves lost in paradise and absolute serenity away from the noise and screams of the busy city. Kalangala should top the list of the places you need to visit with your loved one on a vacation or a honey moon.
Kalangala is an island situated in Lake Victoria/ South Western Uganda. It covers an area of 9,066.8Km2. Only 432.1Km2 (4.8%) is land and the rest is water. Our journey started off at mid day from city square in a bus full of passengers most of whom were couples. As usual it was utmost excitement, as we set off. We used the Masaka route via Kyadugala road behind Nabugabo sand beach just to reach within time and catch the 4pm ferry in Bukakata. Below is what you will most likely find fun on road trip or during your stay at Kalangala
The ferry
It is quite interesting how tight security is at that border. We were told to register ourselves just in case anything happened. Bags are placed in the car that brought us then it drives through and packs at the ferry. The ferry has sections with two floors, we chose upstairs to catch the beautiful view of the fresh waters of Lake Victoria. Selfies and pictures were all over the place just to capture memories.
Climate and Vegetation
Kalangala experiences a typical humid climate. The annual rainfall ranges from 1,125 to 2,250mm and the rainfall peaks are in March – May and October to November. Those who have palm oil vegetations and pines confess that the soils do not disappoint them. These can be clearly seen as you travel through the rough murram roads to Panaroma cottages. The breath taking view of these palms might prompt you get out of the bus and just walk through them.
The cottages
No description is enough to match the beauty of this place. The sereign environment makes you feel like being indoors throughout your visit. Panaroma cottages where we happened to enjoy our stay is self contained and well cabled with a Television. There is free and safe parking. Its setting makes you feel like you are home with nothing to worry about.
Economic activities
The islanders depend a lot on fishing. They always migrate following the seasonal movement of the fish. Our most exciting thing to do was walking down from the cottages just to come and eat this deep fried fish. At night the whole lake is covered with fishermen and the only view you can capture are the small lights sailing in the darkness.
The beach
We happened to visit the Pelican beach, one known by most for having the clearest waters ever as you can mistake it to be a blue sea. The place is dotted with beautiful huts that provide shade just in case you want to seat and just chat. Games like volley ball, swimming and swinging are easily accommodated for with the large play area. The party people are catered for with a bar and restaurant where all kinds of music are played.
The fire camp
I believe everyone is familiar with the traditional setting where family members all gathered under a lit fire and told stories. Here we would start making all sorts of fun while making jokes and being ourselves while sipping some wine. When we ran out of stories, we would just watch a movie on the projector. These are moments for couples while singles would just go dancing in the nearby bar. When it ended, we would all just set in and sleep.
The last night
This you can relate to. All kinds of madness in good faith arises, there is always just too much happening on the last day. People drink to empty the bar. It is always sad saying goodbye to a place that has separated you from the real world of troubles. Being the reason people stay awake all night not to miss a thing.
Nothing I say in writing will be enough; you will just need to step in and live the story by yourself to clearly know what fun really is. If you are looking to travel and feel safe and well accommodated for, Tristar Africa is here to make your dream come true. Be sure to enjoy your trip without having to worry about how to balance your expenditures or stress concerning where to go and what to do next because Tristar Africa will do all that for you.
Sharon K