Why Visit Sipi Falls, Mountain Elgon

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Laying on the foothills of Mountain Elgon is a series of three water falls called the Sipi Falls, they are spread across three districts in the Eastern region including Mbale, Kapchorwa and Sironko. The beauty and cultural significance of the water falls has made it a stand out attraction in the east. The name ‘Sipi’ is derived from a ‘Sep’, an indigenous plant found of the banks of sipi river locally used as a medicine plant by the Bagisu people to treat yellow fever and measles.
The strategic location of the falls at the base of Mt Elgon national park makes the area the perfect starting point to hike mountain Elgon in Uganda . If your looking for an affordable and yet still thrilling hiking adventure in Uganda, then you should book a Sipi falls tour with a trusted and reliable tour company today. The hiking journey offers breathtaking views of the Mountain Elgon slopes, Lake Kyoga and Karamoja plains.
A visit to Sipi falls offers tourists a chance to tour coffee farms where the Bugisu Arabica coffee is grown. Learn about coffee farming, processing as well as roasting processes on this tour and also how profits from this venture fund community development projects. The Sipi falls area has a variety of luxury and budget accommodation options available including camps and safari lodges. Relax in nature as you get stunning views of the falls from your room at any of the selected lodges and camps near Sipi falls.
Nothing will prepare for the adventure rock abseiling with Robs Rolling Rock, hanging over 100 meters over the sipi falls is quite a thrilling activity that will get your adrenaline pumping. You can also do some rock climbing on the foothills of Elgon if you are sont scared of heights and ready to take the adventure to another level.
A tour to Sipi falls is also offers tourist a chance to visit and learn more about the Bagisu people, make your way to the local communities and interact with the locals as you watch them go about their day to day activities plus you will get chance to visit the Jews of Uganda locally known as ‘Abayudaya’ .
So if your planning to visit Uganda for safari or leisure holiday, then you should add the magnificent sipi falls to your list of attractions to visit. To inquire or book an exploration or mountain hiking trip in eastern Uganda, simply send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us now +256-758540071