June 22, 2024

Why Hire Ushers For Weddings In Uganda

Most people still ask whether its necessary to hire ushers for weddings in Uganda during the planning process. Some people think they are not that much useful to a ceremony which is completely not right as they are as important as the chauffeurs preparing the party food. Not only will they ensure your invited guests enjoy the wedding, they also go an extra mile to put smiles on the people’s faces lighting up the whole event.
Below are some factors that should convince you to hire ushers for a successful wedding event anywhere in Uganda
Guiding – This is the most important job of a wedding usher, he/she has to enure they welcome the guest and guide them to their table and also give them directions to restrooms and serving table. They are able to control the movements of people at the party making sure everyone is where they are supposed to be when they are supposed to be there.
Guest comfort – Ushers will ensure you guests are comfortable and fully satisfied all the way from the seating arrangement, dining to easing themselves. A guest wont have to lift a finger or feel he/she hasn’t got full satisfaction, you can just call any of the ushers and ask them whatever you want, it could be a drink , wedding program or need to visit a rest room, they will be more than ready to help the best way possible.
Gift lifting  – A party is not a party if there are no gifts involved and when it comes to weddings, you have to expect as many as possible. With all those wrapped boxes coming in, you will need a team you to lift the gifts and transfer and watch of them in a secure room and that’s where a an usher comes in. When you hire an usher, rest assured your gifts will be in safe hands after they leave the pulpit.
If your planning a wedding in Uganda and still contemplating over whether to hire ushers or forego that service on the item list, the above three factors should change your mind.