Why You Should Use A GPS For Road Trip In Uganda

Uganda is ranked among the top 10 safari destinations in Uganda blessed with an abundance of tourist attractions, warm weather, rich cultural history and local cuisine. From the unique mountain gorillas, spectacular landscapes to the various mammal and bird species, you will definitely enjoy bit of your holiday experience. Travelers in the past years preferred to rent a car plus driver/ guide because it was a much safer and convenient option but in most recent years they have opted for the much cheaper and flexible self-drive safari in Uganda or any where in Africa. However getting around can be quit hectic if you don’t have adequate knowledge about the routes to a particular destination and that’s where the GPS comes in. The Global Positioning System might be more expensive than a travel map but way better navigator that will help you get around without any worry of getting lost.
Below are top 3 reasons why should have a GPS in your rental car during your holiday in Uganda.
No worry about getting lost
When you rent a GPS for your travels, be assured of accurate directions through various satellite set routes. This gadget will show you the path and distance from point A to point B also marking out stop overs including tourist attractions, shopping malls, banks , hotels, restaurants among other places of interest. Just type in the destination you will be visiting and the GPS will draw a route and also possible shortcuts you can take.
Much Cheaper Option
Hiring a chauffeur or tour guide is a much more expensive than renting a GPS . Most car rental companies in Uganda offer these gadgets at US$ 8 per day which is much cheaper than booking a driver at US$ 30 to 50 per day. You will save more and have enough freedom when you decide to travel with this amazing navigator.
Portable & Easy To Use
Just like a phone and other hand held gadgets, the GPS is also portable with a user friendly interface. It won’t be a huge load like your bags and camping equipment or a personal driver, you can just stamp it on your windscreen and connect it to the car to charge. The touch screen , simple options and fast routing ensures even a first timer can learn it in minutes.
So if you’re a planning a self drive safari in Uganda , you should definitely consider going along with a GPS if you want to enjoy a success road trip. To book one just get in touch with us today through booking@tristarfafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on 256-758 540071