Why Opt For Adventure Sports Over Primate Tracking In Uganda

The mountain gorillas and chimpanzees are two of the most popular primate species on the African continent and Uganda is home to over half the world’s population of gorillas and up to 4900 chimpanzees making it any primate enthusiasts dream destination but if your looking for adventure , then the water and land sports activities in Jinja town will give you that full package. The Nile offers a wide range of exciting adrenaline pumping activities including white water rafting, bungee jumping, kayaking, quad biking, horseback riding, jet boating, boat rides among others all ideal fro all types of travelers seeking for that adventure holiday in the Pearl of Africa.
As much as both activities are rewarding, here are a few reasons why you should opt for the adventure sports over primate safaris in Uganda.
Affordability – A gorilla permit costs US$ 600 per person while a Chimp permit is at US$ 150 per person but if you opt to book one of the numerous adventures sports that go for as low as US$ 50 per person and save some money for other safari activities which would be a good deal.
Activity diversity – Safaris in Bwindi national park , Kibale forest and other rain forests offer a few supplement activities including bird watching, nature walks, hiking and community visits while if you opt to make a tour to Jinja town, expect a whole load of over 13 other activities to do avoid being limited to only a few hence getting that ultimate adventure in Africa you have always dreamed of.
Less Strainous – A trek through the Bwindi impenetrable forest is no easy task as it requires high levels of fitness as well as will, not only will you be climb up steep muddy slopes through thick forest thickets , expect to fall sometimes or get stung by stinging nettles making the whole experience a very hard adventure trek which is way different from the adventure sports that doesnt require any level of fitness but only a heart and love for adventure.
Traveling distance – if you the kind of traveler who doesn’t like long boring journeys , then a trip to Jinja which only takes about 2 hours from Kampala city is way better than the long distance road trip from Kampala to Bwindi or Kibale which lasts about 6 hours and 4 hours respectively.
Planning to do a Uganda safari and still wondering whether to do gorilla trekking and chimpanzee tracking or adventure sports, the above reasons should help you make the final decision. To inquire or book a trip, simplly send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with the reservations team.