Top 5 Safari Parks To Visit On Kenya Safari

Kenya has always the original safari homeland of Africa well known for its diverse wildlife , culture and some of the most popular international attractions most of which were depicted as cartoons in the infamous Lion King movie. With over 20 national parks, up to 15 game reserves and 6 beautiful marine parks, the list of things to do on safari in Kenya are endless and that why the country receives thousands of tourists each year even with the deteriorating political stability. Whether you are interested in game drives, mountain hiking, marine tours, bird watching, cultural community visit, adventure sports, camping or just prefer to relax at one of the numerous coastal beaches of the Indian ocean or simply tour around Nairobi city, you find Kenya quite the catch.
If you plan on embarking on a Kenya safari adventure this season but still dont have a clue of which national park or reserve to visit, Tristar Africa Skimmer Safaris has listed some of the top 10 parks ideal for all types of travelers.
Maasai mara national park– Simply known as Maasai mara or Mara, this is one of the most popular and visited safari parks in Kenya named in honor of the Masaai people who are believed to be the original dwellers of this region.  Maasai mara reserve is contiguous with Tanzania’s Serengeti park with both parks offering the best wildebeest migration scenes. Other attractions include the Big five (lions, leopards, black rhino, cape buffaloe and African elephants), hippos, crocodiles, hyenas, cheetahs, jackals and plenty of bird species.
Nairobi national park –  Kenya’s first national park is situated south of Nairobi city center just 7 km road trip. An electric face separates the wildlife from the locals but many incidents have been reported about animal and people confrontations.  Nairobi park is home to various wildlife species including, cape buffaloes, black rhinos, gazelles, zebras,  cheetahs, hippos, leopards, elands, Maasi giraffes, water bucks, impala, baboons and wildebeests , vultures to mention but a few.
Mombasa marine national park– One of Kenya’s mot visited national reserve & marine parks is situated at the coast in Mombasa, another popular Kenya destination well known for its rich cultural heritage and beautiful coastal beaches. Top activities to enjoy at the Mombasa marine park is snorkeling and diving all that offer travelers a chance to explore the ocean and get chance to encounter various water species and plant life.
Tsavo East & West National Parks – Divided by a a road and railway are two of Kenya’s oldest and largest parks established as early as 1948. Both parks are a named after the Tsavo river which from west to east of the park with bordering parks like Chyulu hills park and Tanzania’s Mkomazi game reserve. Main attractions in the park include wild animals like bush baby, African wildcat, Tanzanian cheetah, dik-dik, spotted hyena, common zebra, serval cat, elephant shrew, leopard, lesser kudu, lions, elephants, caracal, cape buffalo, yellow baboon, giant rat plus birds speices that include ostriches, starlings, kingfishers, secretary birds, herons, weaver birds to mention but a few. Other attractions include Aruba dam, Mudanda rock, Mzima springa, Yatte plateau, Lugard falls, Kitchwa tembo cliffs among other fascinating attractions ranking the Tsavo parks among the top parks for Kenya safaris and tours.
Mountain Kenya national park – If you are an adventure seeker who loves mountain climbing , then the best option would be a hiking trip to Mount Kenya, the second highest mountain in Africa second to only Tanzania’s Kilimanjaro. Currently a UNESCO heritage site , the park was first established as a forest reserve and later turned into a national park.  Apart from mountain hiking, visitors are treated to game drives through the park where they get chance to encounter various species including the cape buffaloes, monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys, African elephants among others.
Planning to visit Kenya on safari holiday and still haven’t decided which national parks or game reserves to put on the bucket list, the above top 5 parks will give that ultimate Kenyan safari experience worth every penny you pay leaving with long lasting memories about the cradle land of safaris. To inquire or book a safari, simply send us an email to or call us on +254-713510387 to speak with the reservations team.