Why Choose Limousine As Bridal Car

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Uganda’s wedding car industry took a major turn the early 2000s with the introduction of the classic limousine, the first of their kind in the country and most luxurious cars on the local scene. Even those already driving the prestigious Mercedes Benz had to twist their necks to have a clear gaze at the Limo once spotted anyway on the dusty streets of the capital Kampala.
They took everyone in the wedding car hire business by surprise. Although they seemed heaven-sent for couples who wanted to hold the classic, pompous and extravagant weddings, they did cost an arm and a leg at the time.
Consumer tastes have now than ever before become more dynamic, that some couples want open roofed cars including the limo which has no open roof model. Even after almost a decade and a half of existence, because of its uniqueness, the limousine still transcends most wedding cars including those that are in their latest versions.
The limousines have stayed on the wedding scene for this long because they are rare to catch sight of on an ordinary day. It’s not hard to be driving or moving around Kampala and see a Range Rover or a BMW X-series but how often do you find a limousine. It’s that rare uniqueness that makes it classic and a dream wedding car that couples must look out for.
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