June 22, 2024

Vintage & Classic Vehicles For A Rustic Wedding Style

Are you planning a sophisticated ‘Rustic Style’ wedding? The wedding season already upon us—whether you’re finalizing the last few details of your big day or just starting to look for ideas, we thought you may appreciate some inspiration.
Vintage and rustic weddings are two of the longest standing and hottest styles in the wedding world. From the vehicles and wedding venue to everything in between, we take a look at what you need to consider in order to make your special day one to remember but for now, we will stick to the cars only.
A rustic wedding goes hand in hand with period wedding cars. Vintage wedding cars are undeniably charming and evoke that sense of nostalgia that is similarly apparent in a rustic themed wedding. Whether you opt for the luxury of a vintage Rolls-Royce Convertible or a more retro style 1950s Austin, you’ll certainly be arriving in a noticeably period style.
The Morris Minor, Morris Kabawo, Zephyr Zodiac, Humber also locally known as Police 999, Volvo, Saab, Mercedes Benz round light, 190 and 200, Volkswagen Beetle, Honda, Peugeot 203, Citroen and Fiat are some of the vintage cars that one should opt for when planning a rustic wedding.
However, I must warn you that because some of these cars are very limited in supply, you must make your bookings on time and by time, I mean at least two or three months in advance. They are short in supply yet their demand for different purposes remains relatively high.
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