June 22, 2024

Why Choose Land Cruiser Models For Your Safari Trip In Uganda

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An African safari is one of the best adventures best experienced on foot and in car, the rugged off beaten tracks coupled with impenetrable jungles all add spice to the package. However for any tourist to have a comfortable journey to a park, they require a professional guide and most importantly a well serviced 4×4 car that can handle even the toughest of terrain and also offer comfort to passengers aboard.

There are several rental cars ideal for a safari in Uganda or any where in Africa but only a few can match the Land Cruiser models and we present to you some of the reasons you should rent a Land cruiser in Uganda if you plan on visiting a national park or any other remote destination.

4×4 –  When you talk about 4 wheel drive cars, the first thing that comes to mind is a station wagon, built for off the beaten track road trips able to drive through even the roughest of terrain,  there is no denying that a station wagon fits the bill for the perfect safari car and that’s where the Land cruiser comes in with a 4 wheel drive mechanism that enables a car to pass through steep slopes, muddy and rough terrain in just a second.

Space –  Every traveler loves having their space on a long road trip and that’s why a spacious cargo compartment is a must for any road trip , just load your cargo in the rear compartment aka boot and enjoy the leg room , air-conditioner as you travel to your destination.

Extra Features –  The land cruiser has evolved over the years with some models customized to fit park tours , the modern day safari land cruiser is the best example as it has a pop-up roof , fridge box seating up to 8 people with extra space for cargo on the roof top ideal for clients that love camping adventures as both cans can carry all that equipment.  

Family friendly – If you are planning to travel as a family or a small group of 5 to 8 people and looking for the ideal rental car, then you should consider hiring a land cruiser prado or the infamous extended 8-seater safari land cruiser and give your loved ones and friends that comfortable class safari experience.

There many other reasons to convince to hire a land cruiser prado or safari land cruiser, but truth is there are no better safari cars for a road trip in Uganda or Africa than the Toyota made Land Cruisers. To inquire about rates and availability, simply send us an email to booking@tristarafricaskimmersafaris.com or call us on +256-758540071 to speak with reservations team.