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It was a fine Sunday morning when this great rip all started, my dad had already been reminding us about this day. He kept on telling us how this would become the most memorable day of our lives.

I had always heard about this particular national park from my dad, how interesting it was being there and how ”out of this world” it felt while there. I couldn’t wait to get to this place with all that I had heard about it.

So we set out at about 8:00am from Nebbi District where we were staying all excited and happy that the long awaited day had finally come. We cruised on his Toyota custom for about an hour and half before we definitely reached.

First thing our sights came across was the bridge just after Pakwach district which gave a link across the beautiful river Nile and this was were we made our first stop. Dad parked on the bridge and we came out to view the big hippopotamuses that were chilling by the river’s edge. They looked calm and so peaceful from afar, the scotching sun shone on their slippery-looking skins and they were shining.Dad took out his canon camera and captured the moment.

            We drove off again to ”more interesting animals” as my dad described them. This time we didnt make a stop because dad said it was for our own safety. We saw giraffes by the side of the road eating leaves from tall trees, i took out the camera because dad’s hands were pretty occupied with the steering wheel. I stood on the car seat and opened the sun roof so i could get a better view of the giraffes and a better angle for me to take good shots with the camera. Just when we thought we were viewing the best, a giant elephant made its way from a bush besides the road and crossed the road slowly just infront of us, dad stepped on the brakes and kept calling to me take as many snap shots as i could of the elephant because he personally loved this gigantic animal. After the elephant made its way across the road we continued driving for quite a while till we saw some more animals. all this while dad was telling us about elephants, its history and how they have a good memory.

He was still telling us all this when an antelope came sprinting towards us from the front and then again my dad stepped hard on those breaks and honked, then a lion came chasing it from behind almost as if a split second after. These guys by passed the vehicle, it looked like they were on a marathon and it all happened so fast. Everyone’s jaw had dropped and we were all  mesmerised by this, i didnt even get the chance to take a shot  with the camera.

we all burst out laughing while dad started the car. By this time i was so hungry and told dad about it and he said we were almost done with our trip because were just about to exit the National park so we would go eat immediately after we were out of the national game park.

My mind kept on playing back the scenes i had encountered at the park whick kept me smiling even after we had eaten from a restaurant near by and headed straight to lira town were my dad had another home. Till this day i cant forget this memorable day. I must say it was the best day of my life so far.

Jimmy Ouch

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