June 22, 2024

What Makes The River Nile Special

Sprawling across eleven African countries is the mighty River nile, the world’s longest river and arguably one of the top tourist attractions in Africa. The white nile and blue are the two major tributaries that bisect this enormous river with the former flowing through Rwanda, Uganda , Tanzania and South Sudan while the latter is begins its trip in Ethiopia and flows through Sudan before linking up with the while nile again in Khartoum Sudan. The other section of River Nile passes through Egypt before continuing it’s journey to the Mediterranean sea.

The river nile is very important cultural, economic and historic attraction that offers a variety of exciting adventure activities not to mention beautiful river bank cities , hotels, safari lodges among other accommodations types, enough said, here are some reasons that make the Nile the most special river in Africa.

Longest river in the world – With a length of up to 6650 km , only the Amazon (6400km) comes close to marvellous river.

Shared by 11 countries – The river nile flows through Central, East & North Africa passing through 11 countries that include Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Egypt, South Sudan, DR Congo, Kenya, Ethiopia, Republic of Sudan, Eriteria,

Parks – The River nile is home to over 100 mammal and bird species and hence many parks are established on the Nile including 4 in Uganda alone. Wildlife species like the giant nile crocodile , hippos , Africa elephants, African fish eagle , King Fishers among other animals that relax on the banks or in search of water

Adventure – When it comes to adventure, The River nile is definitely number one water body that will give you all that and more. Several companies around Africa have established there business along the nile to offer tourists a chance to experience water sports like white water rafting, boat cruises, kayaking, jet boating, bungee jumping , surfing to mention but a few.

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